Saturday, June 4, 2016

Photographs {2}

I love taking pictures when there's a good picture to be had. A while ago I did a post with several photos I had taken. This post will include photographs of some beautiful things in Nature this spring.
Near our house, there's a road with a little brook going along it, and in the Spring, it was the most beautiful thing ever. It looked like a description from one of L. M. Montgomery's books, perhaps this one from Anne of Avonlea:
"There . . . down in the brook . . . that old green, mossy log with the water flowing over it in those smooth ripples that look as if they'd been combed, and that single shaft of sunshine falling right athwart it, far down into the pool. Oh, it's the most beautiful poem I ever saw."

 Is that not just absolutely gorgeous? Of course, the pictures do not do it justice, but use your imagination for the rest of it!

All along the brook were bunches of wild phlox scattered everywhere:

 And there were some darling little pink flowers that might be wild geraniums:

In our own yard we had apple blossoms in abundance:

One more picture of the brook to finish the post. :)

Well, there you go! What did you think? Do you like taking pictures? 


  1. Those pictures are awesome!! I especially love the first :) And yes, I love taking pictures too :D


  2. Lovely pictures Rae! I love how green everything looks. :) Wild phlox and geranium are growing in abundance here as well. I like taking pictures, but ought to do it more often. And I can't find the silly cord that transfers pictures onto the computer! :(

    1. Thanks, Abby! Yes, it was soooo green during that part of Spring. Aren't the wild phlox wonderful?
      Thanks for your comment!

  3. Beautiful pictures, Rae! That fourth picture of the brook is gorgeous! And all the flowers...just lovely. :)


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