Monday, December 11, 2017

Guess Who Missed Her Blogiversary Again?

Last year, I was three days late, and I put a bit in the end of a tag post. This year I'm only two days late. I was rather busy on Saturday, December 9th, which was the two-year anniversary of my blog.

But anyway, I've been blogging for 2 years! That seems so crazy to me! I can't quite believe it's been that long. 

I sure have come a long way in those two years, though. Dearie me, I was but -- years old when I started it, and that wasn't my best, least awkward age! My writing most certainly was not the best. To be sure, I couldn't exactly say it's improved sometimes, but other times I would certainly hope it has. 
I wrote a whole lot of P&P posts in those days. Of course, I still do, but those were the times when I was figuring out what I wanted my blog to be about, and I discovered blogs like The P&P 95 Forever Club, Wonderland Creek, Sunshiny Corner, and others like those and I thought, "I love Pride and Prejudice, I can write posts like that!"
My most viewed post and the first post people really commented on was my Pride and Prejudice "My Face When" post. (I was so proud of it at the time, but I read it again recently and goodness me, a great deal of it is quite cringy and very "wow I wrote that a while ago":) And once I saw how popular that was, Pride and Prejudice my blog became.
I remember finally figuring out that I should have a header (dear readers, one of the most marked improvements of my blog has got to be the design. It started out simply dreadful and tacky. I declare with certainty that once I had a header, my popularity went up, and that it was an influential factor.)
This was the first real header I put on my blog (I had a simply dreadful one for about a day. I shall not include it. May anyone who saw it and remembers it please forget it, thank you.)

Anyway, I put this header up and that's when my blog became more credible, I think. 

Anyway, I experimented with various types of posts, eventually figuring out what people liked and didn't. 

One of the most important things I learned? Comment on other people's blogs. That's how I've made all my blogging friends--comments. Which is quite obvious, really. How else are people supposed to get to know you, and the other way 'round, if you don't communicate in some way? And in the blogging world, commenting is most obvious.
So I started commenting on the blogs I found. I think, if I remember right, I found Naomi's blog through the P&P '95 Forever Club, and Miss March's blog from hers, all through comments. And then eventually I got the courage up to comment on these people's blogs; I believe beginning with Naomi's. And from there, I've made so many lovely friends and discovered so many lovely blogs!

Looking at my posts, I'm becoming fairly certain I started commenting on people's blogs around March of 2016, for that's when people started commenting on my posts, and looking back at those comments, the friendships were just forming! 
For the third time, I mention Naomi and Miss March, because they were pretty much my first blogging friends. You two made me feel so special and gave me such encouragement to see that there were people out there like me! Thank you both so much!
A few others who gave me encouraging comments towards the beginning include Melody, Olivia, Miss Evie, Cordy, Anna, and Abby. Huge thank you to you all!!!
A few more have been around for a while, Esther, Molly Rebekah, Rachel, and Miss Elizabeth--thanks to all of you for your support and friendship!
A huge thank you to all of you who have commented on my blog, so I can get to know you and your blog better! You all are the best.

And also a general huge thank you to all of you who have supported me in different ways through the last couple of years! And not only those who have been reading my blog for a while, but also those who have joined me recently! Thank you, thank you, to you all!

In fact, another special thank you to those who have only joined my blog in the past few months. My dears, don't be feeling left out or unappreciated by any means! In fact, if anything, feel glad you didn't have to see my bad writing first, haha. I'm so happy to know you all, and your support means every bit as much to me! Your comments make my day! I'm so happy to have met so many of you kindred spirits! I would try to list you all, but I would be terrified of leaving someone out, because the numbers grow and it's not so easy to list everyone as it used tobe. But thank you to everyone else who I haven't mentioned! I'm so glad I've met you and thanks for your support and friendship here!

I'm so glad I decided to start a blog two years ago! It's brought me such happiness and fun in my life, and I've found so many people like me! Thanks to you all for being here!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

A Calm, Organized, Real Post (No, I'm Serious)

Dear readers,

That last post was indeed a jumbled mess. I read back through it and I don't think my readers believed, after reading it, that I truly had just written 50,000 words of a novel. Or, at least, that it was organized and readable. As to the first, I may assure you, I did write 50,000 words (though I feel I must clarify--I had written some before November, so I only made it to about 43-44,000 in November itself). As to the latter, I may only assure you that a great deal of it was written late at night, and you may take from that what you will. Parts of it, I daresay, are not as clear as they should be.

Now, I shall attempt to write a clear, organized, "real" post (and succeed, of course. I've done so before, haven't I?...Haven't I?)  
Of course you have!
(I declare, this is probably my favourite reaction image of all, in case you haven't noticed already.)
First, I'll give you a little background to my novel. 

I began the original draft of this novel when I was eleven years old. As I recalled when telling the background to another dear friend, it actually began as telling a story aloud to my younger siblings in the car. I believe they even helped a great deal in forming the plot. 

My story began with a man and a woman who lived happily except for the fact that they had no children. Such begins a few tales, and such began mine. It proceeded with the wife falling ill, and requiring radishes, which could only be found in the garden of a Witch (in my first draft, Witch was always capitalised). The Witch, of course, caught the man stealing it, but then did something strange. She gave the man a barley seed, saying it would become a flower when planted, which his wife was to kiss and there would be a little girl, whom she would proceed to take away.

That doesn't make a great deal of sense, Rae's 11-year-old self.

I tell you all this because I completely and entirely changed the beginning in my second draft, which is the novel I just finished. 

But, as you probably guessed, that beginning was a combination of Rapunzel and Thumbelina, and it was the beginning of a novel idea which I have not given up on.

I continued writing that first draft over the last several years. The last I wrote of it was a little over a year ago, and I never actually finished it. I was almost to the end, I had about 43-44,000 words, but when I came around to the idea of writing again this year, there was so much I wanted to change that I wasn't sure it was worth writing an ending to the first draft when it was likely to change.

I began to rewrite my novel, with a completely different beginning.

And rewriting was something my poor book needed dreadfully. I referred back to my first version several times, and oh, my eyes hurt and my head ached. I believe I wrote a great deal of it around ages 13 and 14, which were not my best times in my writing experience.

And that, dear readers, is all I shall tell you of its content. Perhaps in time snippets shall be shared. Perhaps.

Anyway, now it's written, though I would not call it finished. It needs a great deal more work. 
I'm quite happy that I had the opportunity to do NaNoWriMo this year! It was just the thing to get my book on its way to completion.

There, see, I managed to keep it calm and organized, didn't? I'm amazed at myself, truly. 
Mr. Collins is *~taken aback~*
(At first when I wrote this, I forgot to put pictures in, and it didn't seem like a real post. Mr. Collins helped out quite a bit, no? :)

Also! Who wants to discuss Little Women with me in the comments? I'm rereading it for the first time in several years, and I'm a little ways into part 2. For a long time, after reading it 3-4 times when I was younger, I had a bitter grudge against dear Louisa May Alcott for not putting Jo and Laurie together and also for putting Laurie with Amy. When preparing to read it again, I realized perhaps now, being older, I'd change my mind. Now, I haven't gotten to the part where Laurie proposes yet, only to the part where Jo just went to New York, but I'm already excessively upset at the injustice between Amy and Jo and I already kinda adore the Jo and Laurie ship. I don't believe I'll change my mind. Anyway...discussion on the subject is welcome. Also ranting about how unfair it is that Amy got so much more than Jo when let's be honest, we all like Jo better (well, no offense to Amy admirers of course if you're out there).

Hope you all have a lovely week and a lovely Christmas season!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Jumbled Ramblings + New Old Blog Look

Wellll, y'all, I'm back, and it feels like I've been gone for a long, long time. 

NaNoWriMo completely took up the month of November for me. And then with writing 1-3,000 words per day, by the time I finished, I didn't want to do anything else on the computer and certainly no more writing, posts or comments. There's my excuse, readers, and that's all I've got. 
Anyway, I'm currently trying to at least read y'all's blog posts, and hopefully leave comments, but please excuse if I don't comment on your posts from earlier in the month. I certainly wish I could have, but I must attempt to keep sane, you know. 

On the other hand, I did get to 50,000 words last month!!! Yay!!! So to me, at least, my lack of participation in the blogging world was worth it. :D

(Pretty much I'm literally just switching between writing this post and commenting on posts. Let us all hope I do not mix the two up, though I don't see how that's hardly likely. Though I daresay if I had gotten any less sleep last night I'd manage it.)

Y'all (guys I swear I say y'all more since I moved out of The South) (Wait, y'all don't know where I moved from do you?) (Though really, with you Americans at least, I've said y'all enough to imply that I'm from somewhere in the south, right?) (All right, Rae, enough.)
Well. Now I can't remember what I was about to say when I said that original "Y'all". Oh, well, perhaps it will come back.

(At this point this post is becoming something rather un-publishable)
You must excuse my writing, though. It's NaNoWriMo's fault. You'd think, perhaps, it would make me a better writer, which it did, but only when I'm writing "for real". When I blog that is my time to write freely. Okay? Good. 

Now, where was I?

I think I was going to say something about how I only have five more posts to read. 
Finished. :)

Oh! Yes! So my blog look, I decided to just keep the same one as last year. I love how it looked and I'm not willing to try to beat it. :)

Alllll righty...Have I anything further to say? I don't think so. 
Allow me to apologize for the jumbled ramble-ness of this post and y'all be glad it's rather short. (Even though I've been writing it for several hours. I kept switching over to y'all's blog posts.)
Perhaps I shall get to making a real post sometime. 

For now, hope you all have a loverly week, and merry Christmas season to you all!

Monday, November 6, 2017

The Book Lover Tag

Rachel tagged me for "The Book Lover Tag" and it looks super fun! So here we go:

Hmm, any guesses? They're about the same as every single other tag...Answer questions, have fun, tag other bloggers. Got it. :D

To the questions, then!

1. If you could rewrite the ending to any book, what would it be?
I think I'm gonna have to go with Mansfield Park. Guys. That ending was so...anticlimactic. I can't exactly blame dear Jane, (("Oh who could blame poor Jane?" "She did her best!" "She did!" "She did her best!")) ((Probably misquoting but brownie points to anyone who gets my reference.)) As I was saying, I don't exactly blame Jane Austen, she was probably feeling sooo done with the book after 300+ pages of dragging things out. I mean, a teensy bit more than a paragraph and a half about the conclusion to Fanny and Edmund would have been nice, but...who could blame poor Jane?

2. Which fictional character are you most like?
I think I've tried to answer a question like this before. Perhaps I can save myself some trouble...Ah, yes. The first tag in *this post*
I would also add Molly Gibson to that list. I think we have similar personalities, and we both are good at understanding people. We're both quiet and are afraid to call attention to ourselves. Also, I think Roger is very much the kind of person I might fall in love with in real life. Mr. Darcy is a nice fictional hero and all, but in real life, I don't know. Roger, though--But I digress. On to the post.

3. Do you have any signed books?
I do, actually. Two. One is a "Main Street" (I think) book by Ann M. Martin, signed by her. The other is the sequel to Holes, Small Steps or something? Signed by Louis Sachar. I'm not particularly attached to either of them, if anyone wants them, let me know and if enough people want them I'll do a giveaway or something. Haha.

4. What's the best book you've read so far this year?

5. Do you have any bookish pet peeves?
Yes, when people attribute movie quotes that weren't in the book to the authour of the book. 

6. Out of the books you've read this year, what has had your favourite cover?
Oh boy, I don't know. I'm gonna cheat. I read The Inheritance, but not with this cover, but I like this cover.
(By the way, if you haven't read this book, you should. It's the earliest work of Louisa May Alcott's that scholars have found. They found it in archives in a library somewhere, with the preface something like "My first novel, written at the age of seventeen". It's super good.)

7. Is there a book that releases this year that you cannot wait to read?
*whispers* All my favourite authours are dead.

No, not really.

8. What is your favourite non-fiction book?
Hmm, The Hiding Place, by Corrie Ten Boom.
If you want to cry through an entire book, this is the one for you.

9. Do you have any favourite location and/or time period to have a book set in?
Y'all ready for my first L. M. Montgomery answer? (Shocking I haven't mentioned her yet, isn't it?)
Edwardian Canada, Prince Edward Island specifically. 

10. Is there a book that reminds you of something else?
Sometimes when I'm reading a book it reminds me of people I know, or places I've been. Sometimes I'll remember things I thought I'd forgotten, and feel things I know I've felt before. 
Can't really think of examples, though.

This was super fun, thanks so much for tagging me, Rachel!!!

And as a bonus I'll put the questions in a list here if that makes it easier.
1. If you could rewrite the ending to any book, what would it be?
2. Which fictional character are you most like?
3. Do you have any signed books?
4. What's the best book you've read so far this year?
5. Do you have any bookish pet peeves?
6. Out of the books you've read this year, what has had your favourite cover?
7. Is there a book that releases this year that you cannot wait to read?
8. What is your favourite non-fiction book?
9. Do you have any favourite location and/or time period to have a book set in?
10. Is there a book that reminds you of something else?

Now, I tag:
(Ain't linking to y'all's blogs; too much work. Don't worry, I'll have the courtesy to go to your blog and tell you I've tagged you. (And I just realized after I told you all it's "The Book Lovers Tag" and there is no "s" after Lover. Forgive me.))
(Siiigh, I'll link anyway. I can't leave it like that. H'm.)

And of course anyone else who wants to do it!! Feel free to take this tag and say I tagged you if you'd like!

Hope y'all are all having a wonderful week so far...oh yes, it's Monday. Okay, well. 
Anyone else doing NaNoWriMo? I'm doing it for the first time this year, which is exciting! My goal is a full 50,000 words, so, um, here's hoping I make it. As in survive.
Have a lovely week!!!

Friday, October 27, 2017


unless you're new in which case just peek around a teeny bit and the answer will become quite clear, no worries)

Anyway, as I was saying, I watched P&P--for, like, around the 8th time? I've lost count--yesterday with a dear friend, the same one I watched The Scarlet Pimpernel with in fact, and GUYS
She's seen it even more times than I have, I think, and we both could quote word for word like half of the lines. Which means she's one of those people that makes watching P&P really fun. 
(I've seen it twice with my best friend and same thing. It's the best.)
It was super, super fun. 



I think I said "Oh this is my favourite scene" enough times to rival Miss Lane's "one weakness"es. Here are some, I don't think they'll end up in order.

All of Mr. Collins, but the part where he's driving away from his house and he goes backwards makes me crack up every time.

(Low quality pics, yes, my specialty, dearie me.)
(I meant the low resolution, not the featured character, of course. Goodness.)

This scene with Lady Catherine:

And also this scene with Lady Catherine: 
As in the scenes in which these quotes were given. The whole scenes.

Also I think this is turning into a list of favourite characters, not scenes, because really ALL THE SCENES WITH LADY CATHERINE ARE GOLD.

But also.

I wonder if BBC has either put or allowed it to stay on YouTube so you can all be reminded. 
 I don't strongly approve of this title, and the first 2.5 minutes are just the infamous Lake Scene, but okay. Go to about 2:55 and watch through the end. It's only a teeny teeny bit of 
(It really might actually be my actual favourite.)

Well, except maybe...

(Though they had to put a bad word in the description, why. Fortunately it doesn't show here.)

Much squealing, etc., took place during this scene when we watched it.
And has every single time I've watched it.
Of course.
Don't try to tell me you don't adore this scene with all your heart. I won't believe you, or I'll disown you.

Okay so really the last two scenes I mentioned are my very, very favourite-est scenes in all of ever.
The end.

(Not of the post.)


Also, I applaud anyone who can sit down and write a collected, calm review of this movie. Like--how? I applaud you


This scene is also great


((Hey, I actually added some new P&P pictures to my blog instead of using the ones from My Pride and Prejudice My Face When Post That You Should Check Out If You Haven't are you proud of me? I'm proud of me.)
(I just read it again and wow, I wrote that a while ago. Forgive the fact that I was young and early in my blogging when I wrote it.)

NOW I'M GONNA GIVE YOU THE MR. DARCY SMILE TO FINISH OFF THIS POST so you're left with a great feeling even though this post was a wreck WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT IT'S P&P THIS POST WAS AMAZING

*Rae out*

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Scarlet Pimpernel-Not a Review because that's too much work

No actually I just wanted to say I read The Scarlet Pimpernel a few days ago and 
That's really all.
No, but like, it's the perfect novel. It has adventure, and romance, and comfortable English inns and manors and dangerous French cities and roads. It has a beautiful witty lady and her idiot husband, and a brave, elusive, anonymous Englishman.
Does anyone not already know who the Scarlet Pimpernel is?
Okay, so my deal was, I was pretty sure, but I didn't know. I mean, I had heard his name so many times that when the guy was introduced I suspected it, but I made myself doubt like a lot. I wasn't surprised when Marguerite discovered the truth, but I didn't know it right from the beginning. I wasn't sure I remembered.
But that definitely made the book more interesting. It kept me guessing.
(So, if you're like me, I'm pretty sure I didn't give it away. And I don't think I will in this post. Kay.)
(I warned you, this isn't a review. It's far too scattered and ungrammarly.) (Which I prove by using that not-a-word.) (Oh yes the word I'm looking for is ungrammatical.) (Anyway.)


I also watched the movie (yeah, the movie, like with Jane Seymour, 1982) with the girl that made me read it in the first place (don't worry I don't resent it, indeed I am most grateful) and it was... well.

Let's just say I probably shouldn't have watched the movie  so soon after reading the book. I knew exactly what was wrong and different and such and, well...y'all know me. I'm a stickler for accuracy to the book. I tried to enjoy it as a movie separately, buuuut... Yeah.

I mean, come on, they skip The Fisherman's Rest altogether, and they barely squeeze that intense scene between Sir and Lady Blakeney where like AAAAAA into like 30 seconds
(that sentence didn't make sense. I'm sorry. Good luck.)
and like the last 50 pages are basically, um, skipped. At least most of them are.
Like what??
Like I said, I probably shouldn't have seen it so soon after reading the book, I know it's a well-loved movie.
I will say the casting was fabulous. And it was hilarious. Sir Percy Blakeney was fabulous and hilarious and perfect. (I was not at all opposed to the addition of his catch-phrase, "Sink meh!")
 (Also he's remarkably handsome.)
I am afraid I annoyed my dear friend with "that wasn't how it was in the book!" and such, but she did respond with "I know!!!" and she made comments too, so maybe it was fine.

Dearie me, what a scattered, rambling, ungrammarly tical post. Really what I wanted to do is, instead of doing a point-by-point review, let me ask:
What are your favourite parts? What did you think of the movie? What do you want to know my opinion about? And we can discuss it in the comments. :D

Aside from that, in case a) people care about this stuff too or b) you haven't read/seen The Scarlet Pimpernel:
-I finished watching the first four seasons of When Calls The Heart and AAAAHHHH my heart it's so good. Thoughts on that?
-I swear I was about to say something else too. Dangit.
-What. The. Heck. It had something to do with my life that y'all might be interested in...
-Quick question: Do y'all consider those replacement profanities I used to be, like, as bad as the real thing? Cause I've met some people who do and I'm curious. If so, I do apologize. Dreadful habits.
-*hums to myself, staring off into space*
-Was I writing a blog post? How nice.
-I believe I've tortured you all quite long enough. Goodness gracious. I wonder that any of you are still around!

Hope you're all having a perfectly lovely week!

(Oh! One more teeny tiny thing. I want to read another Dickens, which one should I read next? What's your favourite?)

Monday, October 16, 2017

Why we need feminism--A Christian Girl's perspective

(EDIT: Read my re-take HERE)

This post is different from most that I've done, but I'm going to give it a whirl. Bear with me.

Before I begin, I'd like to reinforce, in case any of you are worried, that my views on feminism do NOT include being "pro-choice". I am 100% pro-life, and I'm not sorry if that offends you.

Okay. Here we go: Why we need feminism--A Christian Girl's Perspective

Feminism--and how and why it applies to a Christian Girl's life--is something I've been thinking about a lot.

I know feminism is fighting for women being equal to men, but today I want to talk about how feminism means equality among women.

So before I begin (wait, did I already say that once? Oh well), I'd like to point out that when I say feminism throughout this post, I'm talking about the idea that women are equal and we need to treat each other as equal beings with equal rights to make our own decisions. If that makes sense. If it doesn't, hopefully it will.

We need feminism.

We need feminism so women can feel accepted and loved no matter what they choose to do in life.

We need feminism so that women can choose to stay at home and be a mother and not be judged by women who chose a career for "wasting their life".
We need feminism so that women who choose a career and not have a family are not judged by women who stay at home with their children for "wasting their life".
We need feminism so that women who choose to have children and work outside the home are not judged by other women for "neglecting their duty as a mother" and "not caring about their children's lives".
We, as women, should be loving and supporting each other, no matter what role we are serving in society, in our communities, and in our homes. The last thing we need is to be judging each other for individual decisions.

One of my former leaders and a friend has given me permission to share part of her story.
She is a good, faithful, Christian woman (though perhaps she'd laugh to hear me say that, it's true), and I have no doubt that she does everything she can to follow the Lord's plan for her. The problem? Some people doubt that. People judge.
I'm going to start her story after she was married (which in itself, though she married a man who is perfect for her and I'm certain it was God's plan, brought judgmental comments), when she didn't have children right away. In her case, she wasn't able to, physically. In this particular church, having a family is considered extremely important and girls are taught from an early age that having a family is the most important thing she can do. That being said, of course people would understand if it wasn't a matter of choice, but of actual possibility--right? These Christian women would love and support their sister anyway--or rather especially--right? There were a few women who loved and supported her through this. But it's tragic how much people judged her for it and shunned her and things. In her words,
"I honestly could write a book of the comments I heard during those five years. My response? I withdrew from anyone that I thought would have a negative comment. I told very few people of our struggle and the ones that were supposedly the “perfect” members of the church offered no sympathy, no support, or a caring hand. They only offered the judgey eyebrows, the whispers, and the cruel chuckle of an invitation given to another baby shower."
This is not what being a Christian woman should be. We as Christian girls and women need to be the ones to love each other no matter what, and stop judging based on ideas of righteousness, or as in too many cases, self-righteousness.
What if, instead of judging, we stopped to consider that God was planning and guiding her life just as He's guiding anyone else's? And that she is following that plan?
The judging didn't stop when she did, after much praying and waiting, have a child.
You see, she works outside the home. The judgmental comments about that are plentiful, too. In her own words, "Those comments are hurtful too, but because I became stronger they tend to roll off my back a little easier these days."
But why do people feel the need to judge her for making the decision she felt was best? Why judge someone for following God's plan for them?
She quoted this, and I 100% agree:
"When it comes to:
This woman is one of the strongest women I know, and it is clear that she loves God and does what she can to serve and follow Him. She does not deserve being judged for the way she's living her life.
To finish her story with a few more of her words,
"As long as Heavenly Father knows your heart and knows what you are working towards, that is the ONLY person we ever need to answer to. The point is, if we are truly going to love our fellow sister, this terrible judgement and strange hierarchy of how you fall on the “are you a good [Christian] woman” status has to stop."
(Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and experience!)

Ladies, this is why we need feminism. So that women like this absolutely wonderful woman aren't made to feel worthless and inferior. People have and do treat her like she's worth less, and that kind of judging needs to stop.

As Christian women, we try to follow the will of God, wherever that leads us. And you know what? It's not going to be the same path for everyone. Can we understand that?

If someone from church is a mother who works outside the home, stop before judging her for "neglecting her child's needs". Do you think this was a decision made with a lot of prayer? You bet. Do you think she's doing it because she doesn't care about her children? Absolutely not. Do you think she is doing her utmost to do what's best for her family, and follow the Lord? Absolutely!

If you work outside the home and see a fellow woman at home with her children, stop before judging her for "wasting her life" as "just a mom" instead of pursuing a career. Her decision was made with prayer and trusting in God. And you know, she's working a whole lot harder than it looks like she is. Being a mother is a lot of hard and dirty work; it's not easier than choosing a career.

We need feminism so that girls who don't get married until later in life aren't made to feel worthless and wayward. We need feminism so that girls don't feel like they aren't of worth if they don't "have a man". We're all agreed, yes, that we as Christian girls and women are trying to follow the Lord as best we can. We are agreed, then, that this includes these unmarried young women.

Some of these girls haven't had much opportunity to date or consider marriage. If you're a married woman, stop before you judge them. If you are one of these women, don't you dare give into anyone who makes you feel worthless and unloved and unneeded. If you're doing everything you can to serve the Lord, and He's going to bless you for that. He has a plan for you, and nothing you do can change that. If you know one of these young women, refrain from judging them or making them feel like their life is wasted if they don't marry. God has a plan for them, too, remember?

Other girls have opportunities to marry but decide not to, at least not yet, because they want to focus on things like education or a career. Is this okay, deciding not to get married right away? Of course it is! These girls are doing their best to follow God's plan for them, too. Stop before you judge them for "getting distracted by the world" or "being 'too good' for marriage", or anything. These girls have every right to live their life the way they feel is following the Lord's plan for them.
If you are one of these girls, don't let people make you feel worthless and incomplete because you've chosen not to get married yet. Keep following God's plan, and live your life.

We need feminism so that girls who do get married young aren't judged for "tying themselves down" at "such a young age". We need feminism so that girls who skip education and a career and have a family at a young age aren't judged for being reckless and hasty.
These girls are no different from the rest in at least one thing. They're doing their best to follow God's plan for them, too. They are choosing the path that they feel the Lord wants for them.

We need feminism because no girl or woman deserves to feel worthless or inferior for following God's plan for her. 

We need feminism so girls are taught that their worth comes from being a daughter of God, a King, and not from anything else the world tries to tell them. We need feminism so that girls are taught to love their sisters because they all have the same worth she has. We need feminism so that we are united as sisters, instead of divided by differences.

Now, I've talked mostly about how we need feminism for equality among women. Now to turn briefly to the slightly more controversial topic of feminism as equality with men--from a Christian girl's perspective.
Men and women are equal, yes. Does that mean they are the same? Obviously not.
Here's my Christian girl feminist's take on men vs. women.
Men and women are equal but different. We are equal because we each have gifts and abilities that the other doesn't, and many that we share.
An idea I see a lot in feminism is that "women are equal to men because we can do anything a man can do". I don't see a problem with this, necessarily, but I think that's not giving women--or men--the credit we--or they--deserve.
You see, the way I see it, women are equal to men because we can do the things men can't do. And men are equal to women because they can do the things we can't do. And we are equal to each other because we can use our different but equal qualities to work together.
We need Christian feminism so that we recognize that women are equal to men not simply because they can do anything a man can do, but because they can do things a man can't do.

In summary:
Stop. Judging. Stop judging other girls and women for the paths they choose.
Your worth comes from the fact that you're a daughter of a King, and that's what matters most.
Those around you have that same worth.
Stop judging.
You are amazing because you can do things men can't do, not just the things they can.

Now, how many people have unfollowed my blog by this point? I'm torn between hoping I didn't offend people and feeling no apology for what I've said. I believe in what I've said. I am sorry if I've offended you or hurt your feelings. I do realize that not everyone is going to agree with what I've said. And that's okay. That's another reason we need feminism, is so that people can disagree with everything I've said and still be treated with respect.

To all of you, though, I will apologize for all the rambling and ranting I did. Also for anything that didn't make sense. This is a pretty difficult topic to work with, so I'm sorry if I didn't do an ideal job!

To those of you who stuck around this far, tell me your thoughts!

(EDIT: Read my re-take HERE)

Friday, September 22, 2017

Ask Me Anything Answers

Allllll righty, folks.

Elanor asks:

What is on the top of your bucket list right now?
-I would love to visit Prince Edward Island.

How do you relax in your free time?
 -Hm, now that I have some free time, what am I doing with it? Instagram, practicing the piano, sewing, Pinterest. Blogging. :D

Where would you most love to go on vacation?
-Right now I really want to go back and visit where I just moved from for my next vacation. Besides that, let's see...England, and also see my answer to the first question. :)

What kind of music do you like? (Favorite song currently?)
 -When I listen to music, it's classical music, showtunes, and religious songs. Currently...I have no idea what my favourite song is right now. I've been singing "He is Tall" from Broadway Cinderella a lot. :D

Are you currently writing a story/novel? If so, what's it about?
 -Haha. Ha. 
I've been writing the same novel for about six years. I need to finish it up so I can start over, because there is a noticeable qualitative difference as the story goes on. I've edited it all a lot throughout, but it definitely needs completely rewritten. What's it about? Um, maybe later? Haha. 

What are a few of your favorite TV shows?
-So, my family hasn't had a TV since forever. So the TV shows I've seen are limited to ones I've watched online or from the library. Pretty much the only TV show I've even seen is Lark Rise to Candleford, so let's go with just that. 

Favorite non-Austen or L. M. Montgomery movie?
-Oooh, man, this is harder than I thought it would be. Very wise to put that stipulation, or else I'd just say "P&P'95" and you'd all just roll your eyes and say "duh". 
Dearie me.

Perhaps Wives and Daughters? I really do love that movie a lot. I'll go with that. 

Favorite non-Austen or L. M. Montgomery book?
-Are you SERIOUS? My dear!!! What on earth did you mean by making this so difficult?!
Hahaha, shall I make you wish you'd included Gaskell in the exclusions by saying North and South? No, I don't think I shall, for I've thought of one.
This isn't my favourite cover, but there's a sad lack of pictures of this book online.
An Old-Fashioned Girl by Louisa May Alcott. I LOVE that book. 

Favorite non-Austen or L. M. Montgomery hero?
-Roger Hamley. At least I'm pretty sure. Hmm.

Yeahhhh we'll go with that.


Favorite non-Austen or L. M. Montgomery heroine?
-Hmm. Hmmm. Hmmmmmmmmm. 
My dear! 
Every heroine I'm coming up with is from Jane Austen or L. M. Montgomery HELP. 
There's Elizabeth Gaskell's heroines, but...ehhh. 
Oh! Yes! Of course!
Jo March, y'all. 
*Whispers* I didn't like the movie

(She believes she knows the answers to the excluded authours, isn't that a preposterous suggestion for my blog? How could anyone know my opinions of Jane Austen and L. M. Montgomery? Shocking.)

Least favorite book?
-All right, so if I don't think I'll like a book I simply don't read it. Therefore I haven't read the book that would most likely be my least favourite. Like, if I don't like a book I don't read it. So I like pretty much all the books I've read. Does that make sense? Let me think, though, there has to be at least one...Okay, when I was, like, 10 I read Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the Great Illustrated Classics version, and the pictures scared me so bad I couldn't sleep. I hated that book. 
There, that's as good as it's going to get. 

Least favorite movie?
-How about, Pride and Prejudice 2005. 

What is the last movie you saw in a theater?
-Oh boy, it's been forever...I think it was Big Hero 6. Haha.

What was the last book you read?
-I'm pretty sure I can answer this. Ummm...I think it was The Frog Princess by E. D. Baker. Hehe. Okay, I'm still getting back into reading habits, okay? I know. It's dreadful. I won't even tell you how long ago I read that.

Name something you learned today.
-Okay. I learned a life-changing thing today. I discovered the greatest thing that has ever been made and it's called Silly Songs With Larry
(Oh, come on, hear me out.)
My mom never really let us watch Veggie Tales, for whatever reasons (irreverent telling of Bible stories and such reasons), whatever. Okay. I never really cared and since I've grown up I hadn't decided to look it up or anything. So. I decided to look up the VeggieTales theme song after seeing this meme:
Because I was pretty sure that sounded like it probably was the beginning of a VeggieTales song, and I was right. BUT it continues. The next suggested song on YouTube was "Where is My Hairbrush" and I'd heard a lot about that one, who hasn't, so I watched it and--
GUYS. Don't make fun of me but I was like, that was the greatest thing I have ever seen. Well, after staring open-mouthed in shock thinking what on earth did I just watch. (Those of you who grew up with VeggieTales, please remember this was, like, my first exposure. Okay?)
So. To wrap up this long story, Belly Button is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. I was crying laughing when I watched it the first time, and then I showed it to my dad and laughed almost as hard, and then my sister, and I still found it hysterical.
Stop making fun of me.
Just--Just watch this. I'm sorry if you don't laugh or find it amusing. It's gold. 

(That answer wasn't too long, was it? And stop making fun of me.)
Moving on.

Favorite actor?
-Oooh, let me think. Jonathan Crombie maybe? If dead actors count.

Favorite actress?

-Emma Thompson and Emma Watson. I'm picking two.

Miss Elizabeth Bennet asks:
Gilbert Blythe vs. Mr. Darcy?
-Okay, since you didn't say "or", you said "vs." I'll give a comparison, how's that? :D
Gilbert Blythe is definitely more of the fun, will-tease-you type. He has an active sense of humour and he and Anne were good friends before they got engaged. 

Mr. Darcy is more of the proud, stand-offish type and he almost got offended when Elizabeth teased him. I believe he and Elizabeth became the best of friends, but it certainly didn't start that way.
They both offended their ladies straightaway, resulting in being hated by said ladies for a good deal of time. 
They both loved their ladies very truly and dearly and both endeavored earnestly to deserve them. Like I said in these two blog posts. Gilbert   *   Mr. Darcy

There, if you meant for me to choose between them I have evaded your question nicely, have I not?

MBTI Personality type?
-INFJ and most decidedly so. I relate strongly to nearly everything I've seen that is about that personality.

Favourite kind of tea?
-I don't drink tea.

How did you come into the blogosphere?
-I don't remember the particulars...Well, maybe I do. Let me think. I'd been wanting to start a blog for a little while, and then one day I asked my sister for the millionth time if I should and she said yes that time, so I started my blog. But it took a while for me to get into the blogging community I'm part of now...and I don't really remember how all that happened. I think it began with the Pride and Prejudice 1995 Forever Club, and from there Amy's and Melody's blogs, and from there Naomi, and Miss March, and all sorts of other lovely people. Including you. :)

Weird one: If you were to come across Mr. Darcy, sopping wet on the grounds at Pemberley, how would you react?

-Not "I'm having a strange sort of post-modern moment here" or something like that (what I wrote really doesn't make sense, does it), whatever the Lost in Austen quote is. I haven't seen it, I've just seen that shot with that quote. Anyway, whatever it is, probably not that. Probably something more like, "That wasn't in the book!" 

Miss Woodhouse Asks:
What's you biggest pet peeve?
 -Let me demonstrate:

So, if any of you are confused, I'm sorry. But those of you who understand, here, let's do a pop quiz: What is wrong with each of these three pics/why are they my pet peeve?

Are you still sure you don't want the Pride and Prejudice boy? Haha :P
-"The Pride and Prejudice boy" haha, I think he'd actually like that description. :D Well, I do want him, for a friend. He's quite the kind of person I could be friends with and goodness knows I need some of those here. I have seen him once since the last time I mentioned; their family came over for dinner. Afterward when we were all playing a game, he was quite constantly rude and insulting! Really, it was very shocking. Most people don't talk to me like that until they've known me for a few months at least. But no, teasing and insulting and making rude comments. Not to say I didn't return the insults...but still. Very shocking.
(Here, for you ladies who want him, here's an Instagram caption from one of his selfies.)

"I was asked to describe myself in two words, I answered... "Mr. Darcy" 🎩 Why? Because he's vain and prideful 😋 Not to mention handsome 😉😎"

 I rather like his sister, though. She's a kindred spirit. She came over yesterday and we just gabbed for three hours and didn't run out of anything to say. She and I have the same personality, and interests, and opinions (and she agrees about P&P and Fake P&P and all, too, like BESTIE). (I know, you didn't ask about her. But I like her better. :D) 

Put your iPod or phone or whatever you have your music on, on shuffle, and tell us the first four songs that play.
-Okay, so, like, I don't listen to music that much. Shhh, okay, y'all, before you get too shocked (like how most people react) I have an explanation. For one, I seem to have a pretty low noise level tolerance. Well, like, maybe it's not that low, but there's already so much noise that I reach that level a lot. And with music, there's nearly always music playing already. My sister listens to music so constantly that it honestly gets on my nerves a lot. And besides that, there's often someone playing the piano. So...I rarely listen to music on my own, because if there's a point where I'd be able to hear the music, I'd far prefer the quiet. 
Too-long explanation, no?
But here's what I'll do. I have a YouTube playlist of songs I really like...I'll put it on shuffle and give the results. :D
Lava (from Disney's "Lava")
It's Gonna Be Okay (Piano Guys cover)

Who is your alter-ego?
 -Well, my alter-ego is Rae. This. This is my alter ego.

If you could play any instrument really really well, (not including any you already play) what would it be?
 -You know, I'd love to be able to play the harp.

Are you a morning person or a night owl?
-Night owl. But I do get up at 5:30 every morning. 

Who is your current fictional crush? It could be a book character too (cause you know, even though they're in a book and you can't actually see them, some of those guys are just stinkin' adorable!! ;))
-Currently, Liam from the Wide-Awake Princess books by E. D. Baker. They're, well, probably a little  (a lot) below my reading level, but they're fun, easy reads. :D

If you could learn to speak any language, What would it be and why?
-I'd like to be able to speak German. I'm not really sure why. :D

Cordy Asks:

Describe your favorite outfit...
-I've got this one flowy black shirt, and with dark blue jeans and a pearl necklace it's really nice.

Do you have a favorite wedding dress style?
-Yeah, I really like these:

Blue skies, or rain?

Something you're looking forward to...
-Ummmmmm...Going off to college? I can't think of anything in the near future.

A skill you acquired this past year...
-Oh, um, let me think...

Describe your dream house...
-Comfortably large, but comfortably small. Cute, kind of rustic looking. I'd love flowers and trees around it, and a stream or creek nearby would be lovely.

What does your life look like in five years...
-Wouldn't I like to know! Let's see. Ideally, finishing up my bachelor's degree in graphic design, hopefully not married yet, haha. Definitely out of the house, and will have been for a while. 

A celebrity crush...
-Okay, I have no personal reason for this, but one of my best friends has a major celeb crush on Tom Holland and so I've been exposed to him enough that I gotta say he's pretty darn cute. And he has a cute voice and a cute frog in his mouth (anyone know what I'm talking about?). I don't like his swearing habit, but I've seen that but rarely. So...Tom Holland?

If you were to wake up blind tomorrow, what sight (as in location, not people), would you miss the most?
-Oh boy, good question. I would miss the sight of the sky early in the morning. The colours of sunrise, yes, but also the golden gleams through the clouds and through the blue sky after the sun has risen but is low in the sky. 

Like these pictures I've taken in the past year or so.

Best part of your summer...
-Probably settling in after all the craziness!

Favorite animal?
-Like, for a pet? I'd say a cat. We had two cats before we moved (we left them). I really want to get another kitten, but my mother is rather against the idea. 
(Aww, come on, Mom!!! They're so cute!!!)

Lia Asks:
What's your favorite piece of clothing you own?
-I think it might be this dress here.

What would your perfect room look like?

What fictional place would you most like to go?
-Avonlea Village

What would be the most amazing adventure to go on?
-Oh boy, I don't know. I'd love to tour Europe. Especially England.

What songs have you completely memorized?
-Wait, you want a comprehensive list? And for which instrument, or voice? Or what? This is too hard. :D I'll do my best. Singing: lots of hymns, several Disney songs, almost every song from Broadway's Cinderella, several showtunes. Flute: Ummm, I used to have several classical pieces memorized. Piano: several hymns, a couple classical pieces. 
There, I did my best.

What are some small things that make your day better?
-Comments from all of you! Hearing from a friend back home (most of the time). Reading a good book. Eating chocolate. Making cookies. Singing. 

What's the most interesting place you've been?
-Oh, that's a fun question. Fun fact: I've been to 39 out of the 50 states. The most interesting place? Wow. Okay so I'm not a huge fan of museums and monuments and the like. They bore me. So probably not any of those... Okay, I'll throw out a few cool places I've been.
The St. Louis Arch (and the Mississippi River, which is horribly smelly but actually pretty amazing to look at).
Historic Williamsburg
Arches National Park

What movie title best describes your life?
-Oh that's a fun one! But haaaaard. (No, I'm not whining. What a preposterous proposition.) Okay, but seriously! It's hard! If it were books I'd say "An Old-Fashioned Girl". But that's not a movie. And there may be a movie title that describes my life, but I may not have seen the movie. 
I think I'll go with "The Sound of Music" because I've grown up surrounded by music and as explained above, it's around me constantly.

Rachel Asks:
How's your life so far?
-My goodness what a question!! My life so far, I would have to say is pretty good. Not quite what I expected, but then I don't know what I expected. Probably not as perfect as it could have been, but definitely not bad at all for the most part!

What's your favorite period drama movie?
-Anyone want to answer this for me?

Have you ever seen Poldark? Do you want to see it someday?
-No, I haven't! And I don't know! Okay, y'all--Poldark opinions please!

If you were casted in Anne of Green Gables, who would you love to play?
-I would actually love to play Mrs. Rachel Lynde. She's a riot.

Which Jane Austen movie is your favorite?
You just can't beat a movie with me in it.
(I am fairly certain I have used this very picture to answer this very question before. H'm.)

Are there any places you really would want to visit?
-Prince Edward Island, Bath, London

What's your dream job?
-Ooh, well, I plan to become a graphic designer. My dream job--I don't know. I enjoy a lot of different things, and I'm not sure if any one of them would be my dream job. Oh, I know. Professional chocolate taster. I never tire of chocolate.

Favorite serie?
I may or may not squeal "shipshipship" during most of the scenes with Jack and Elizabeth.
I'm only mostly through season one, though, so no spoilers, y'all! Like don't you dare spoil it by telling me that Jack and Elizabeth will end up together. Just don't dare.


Who's your favorite actress?
-Wait, did I already answer this one? I think so...Yeah. Emma Thompson and Emma Watson, in case you've forgotten. :D

Are you more like Jane Bennet or Elizabeth Bennet?
-Elizabeth Bennet for sure. I'm not nearly so nice as Jane.

Would you rather have magic or drawing skills?
-Ooh, what kind of magic? I think I'd go with magic...My drawing skills are sadly lacking, but magic--that's too cool to pass up, right?

Who is your least favorite actress?
-Oh, that's tough. I don't know. Can I just say I don't know? That's allowed, right? This is my post, right? Ummmm yeah... (Sorry. :((( )

What's your favourite thing to do on a lazy day?
-Favourite? As in, not what I actually end up doing, which is look at Pinterest and Instagram? Let's, probably. And watch period dramas and also that includes When Calls The Heart.

That's all the questions! Whew! Thank you all so much for the amazing questions!