Monday, June 12, 2017

This is the Last Straw

(Rebecca Dew anyone?)
Y'all, this is IT. I haven't made a real post in months, I hardly ever comment on your blogs anymore, and all I ever post is "sorry I haven't posted and I probably won't do any better!" So I really should have done much sooner what I'm about to do now. 
Reasons, well. One, I'm doing an English class over the summer that I don't really have time for, which says quite a bit, seeing as it's only one class. Two, I've got camp and then a 2-week trip. Three, I'M MOVING AT THE END OF JULY. 2,000 miles away. Sooooo...It's insanely busy trying to get our house ready to sell, and the 2-week trip is out to where we're moving to. We're going to try to find a house and also send my brother off for a 2-year church mission to Thailand. 
All that being said, I'm taking an official indefinite blogging break. I know I've practically been gone for a while anyway, but here it's official. And yes, it's definitely indefinite. I'm hoping once we get settled in the new house I'll have more time because I'm not doing any school this fall semester, but...y'know. We'll see. I'm also going to try to get a job. 
So, my dearies, farewell for now. Or in the words of dear Mr. Wickham, "Let us not say farewell, but as the French have it, audieu." 
I shall be back, my lovelies! Meanwhile y'all should go read these posts. Just 'cause. There was a time when I made real posts. 

Monday, May 15, 2017

Two Tags + I think Rae is sane again (for now)

(And Rae is also still terrible at titles.)
(Because Arthur Clennam tipping his hat, why not?)
Hello, hello, lovely people. I am finished with school, and I've had a couple days to relax before life gets crazy again. 
First of all, I just have to say, I have so many perfectly lovely followers. I love you all. Your comments on my last awfully insane post were all so sweet! I apologize again for the mess that was. I believe I have recovered from that. 😆

Now I have a couple tags, and if those don't give you enough random details about my life lately, or if they don't make a ridiculously long post, I'll give you some random tidbits (like I began to attempt last time). 

So...To begin. 

The Four Fictional Characters Tag
Thank you for tagging me, Cordy

The Rules:
1. Link back to the person who tagged you
2. List four fictional characters (use pictures if you want! They can be from movies or books) and, if you like, describe what they're like and why you believe they relate to you
3. Tag a few other blog people! Three, or four, or even twenty. :) Share the fun!
Be sure to let them know you've tagged them!

Well, 1 is done. On to 2:

1. Jo March (Little Women)

I always used to feel like I was a lot like Jo. I have three sisters, and when we'd try to figure out who was most like whom, I was always Jo. I'm not as much like Jo now as I always felt I was then (this was years ago) but some reasons are:
-We both like to write.
-We were both tomboy-ish (I have become less so, but I was rather)
-We're both very "obstinate, headstrong girls"--
"Hey, that's my quote! Did you just allude outside of the literary work you were discussing?"
Yes, I did. Hush.
-We both have a strong desire for independence. 

2. Polly Milton (An Old-Fashioned Girl)
(Yes, that's two Alcott in a row. H'm.)
Well, the obvious reason is that I'm a rather old-fashioned sort of girl. But there's a little more.
Polly never really fit in. Her old-fashioned morals kept her from doing so. I can relate to that a lot. I have pretty high moral standards for today's age, and it's made it difficult to "fit in" sometimes. 
But the other part is, Polly created her own world that made people want to fit into hers, which is beautiful. She found the people that could fit in with her, instead of trying to fit in with others. 
I've found good friends (including so many of you lovely people reading this) and we all fit together and keep our high standards.
(P. S. If you haven't read An Old-Fashioned Girl DO SO NOW. Thank you. Good day.)

3. Anne Shirley
It was coming, wasn't it? What can I say.
I always related to Anne. We both have vivid imaginations that can take us out of reality a bit too far. We both like writing, but that isn't the main focus for either of us, though it has been at times. She is good with children, so am I. She's in love with Gilbert Blythe, so am--well, I like him A LOT anyway. 
(Okay so now I'm remembering, I'm pretty sure I've given a description of why Anne and I are similar before, in another tag. Cause last time, I said "And we both like Gilbert Blythe" or something. H'm.)
We're both ambitious and focused on education. 
We both have a quick, hot temper and you bet I would have gotten as mad as she at Gilbert and Mrs. Lynde when they said that stuff. 

4. Lady Catherine De Bourgh

(This a joke, you think. Rae isn't saying she's like Lady Catherine. It can't be.)
(Why ever not? I am Lady Catherine De Bourgh.)
(Yes, we know, you say. That's the problem.)
(Well indeed it is true! She is indeed saying she is like me!)

Well, what can I say? Sometimes I can sound very remarkably like her. My Lady Catherine impression is actually quite impressive--almost as impressive as the lady herself. (Ha, ha, 'twas a joke, Lady Catherine, relax.)
Also, I like telling people what to do. And sitting so much that it shocks people to see me walk (another joke; I am very fond of walking). And also putting Mr. Collins in his place. I love it when she does that.
(So, yes, my dears, that last was a joke. But I adore Lady Catherine.)
(I am quite put out.)

Well, that was good fun. Thanks so much for tagging me, Cordy! 
I tag:
(Sorry if you've already been tagged; don't expect me to keep track of that. I'll not tag you if Cordy did, but other than that--)
 And whoever else wants, to, PLEASE feel free to say I tagged you! Have fun!
(Also, y'all, I'm not commenting to tell you I've tagged you; I'm too lazy. I think y'all all read my blog at least sometimes...So if you read this, you get tagged; if not, sorry... :/)

The next tag:

Farm Lassie tagged me for the Liebster Award! I've been tagged for this before, but the questions are different every time, so I'm doing it again! Thank you so much for tagging me!

The rules:
Link back to the person who tagged you
Answer the eleven questions
Tag eleven bloggers and let them know
Ask your tagged bloggers eleven questions

Farm Lassie's Questions

1. What is your favorite type of weather?

-Ooh, I'd have to say about 70 degrees (FAHRENHEIT, y'all non-Americans don't freak out!) And sunny. Like, nice Spring weather.
2. What is your favorite music genre?
-Maybe showtunes (songs from musicals), Disney songs, or classical music.

3. Hard candy or gummy candy?
-That's a fun question! I'll say gummy. I don't have patience for hard candy.

4. What is your favorite color?
(Photo by me, last summer, and it has appeared on my blog before. As, umm, is the case with both the previous two.)
5. Tolkein or C.S. Lewis?
-I've read a little of both, and I'd have to sayyyy...
What kind of a question is that?
It's also been a while since I've read either of them. Hmmm...
C. S. Lewis
6. What is your favorite period drama film?
-A few of you will be able to answer this right away. 
Pride and Prejudice 1995!!!

7. Do you have a carefree or work-filled summer ahead?
-Well, not exactly "work"-filled, but definitely very busy!! Not carefree. Sadly.

8. If you could choose any country to go, where would it be?
-England! No, Canada, P.E.I. Ummm...England. Bath, Jane Austen country. 
The Circus, Bath, UK. I can picture Anne from Persuasion running down this street here!!!:
9. Would you rather go by horse-drawn wagon, boat, train or plane?
-Wait, to the said country, or in general? I've always wanted to ride in a horse-drawn wagon, but a plane is most practical for going to England.
10. What is your favorite sea animal?
-Ummm, a seahorse.
11. What do you pull out of the fridge when you're feeling down (comfort food)?
-My favourite comfort food is chocolate but I don't keep it in the fridge. Does that count?

Thanks so much for the tag! 
I'm out of time now. Have a lovely week, y'all!

Monday, May 8, 2017


Welllllll, look who hasn't posted in over a month? And is also sadly behind in reading and commenting on all of your blogs?

This is getting ridiculous, isn't it, my dears? Most of my posts in the last, like, six months have been "sorry I haven't had time for blogging!"

All I can say is, I'm sorry; I've been dreadfully caught up in school and work and directing a play and I have no time for anything it seems. 

Soooo...A few random tidbits? 
-I just started scrolling through my reading list and LADIES I'M SORRY I haven't been reading and commenting on your blogs, here I come, loooong reading list.
-I just realized that could take a LONG time and I have to study for a history exam.
-My stress level just went up.
-Maybe I should quit the blogging world.
-This is not how my "few random tidbits" was supposed to go.
posts that I am going to read.
-I'm done with this post, I've wasted your time long enough.
-Don't take it personally if I don't comment on every post!!!

(I sincerely apologize for this absolute mess of a blog post. Perhaps I'll make a decent one soon? No promises whatsoever.)

UPDATE: I have calmed down a bit and please, I hope you all just chuckle or shake your head over this disastrous post. I shall endeavor to give you a decent post soon so you don't all have a low opinion of my blogging skills. :p
Annnnd I just finished reading the 25 posts, and commenting on most of them. Whew! My comments are rather short, yes, but I think you'll all be dears and understand...yes?

Monday, April 3, 2017

“I’d wish it might be spring all the time and in everybody’s heart and all our lives,”

Yep, I'm hopping aboard the "it's spring!" train. 
And it's beautiful and I love it and aaaaaaah, Spring, where I can wear short sleeves outside and do school outside and be outside and outside outside outside!!!

No case of spring fever here, no siree.

Aaaanyway.  I want to share some beauty with you all, courtesty of L. M. Montgomery. She is a master of descriptions.

1. Anne of Green Gables
Marilla, walking home one late April evening from an Aid meeting, realized that the winter was over and gone with the thrill of delight that spring never fails to bring to the oldest and saddest as well as to the youngest and merriest. Marilla was not given to subjective analysis of her thoughts and feelings. She probably imagined that she was thinking about the Aids and their missionary box and the new carpet for the vestry room, but under these reflections was a harmonious consciousness of red fields smoking into pale-purply mists in the declining sun, of long, sharp-pointed fir shadows falling over the meadow beyond the brook, of still, crimson-budded maples around a mirrorlike wood pool, of a wakening in the world and a stir of hidden pulses under the gray sod. The spring was abroad in the land and Marilla’s sober, middle-aged step was lighter and swifter because of its deep, primal gladness.

See??? Even Marilla did not remain untouched by Spring's magic, so don't blame me. :p
(Also isn't L. M. Montgomery's sense of humour perfection? "She probably imagined that she was thinking about the Aids and their missionary box and the new carpet for the vestry room, but under these reflections was..." Haha. Oh, Marilla.)

2. Rainbow Valley
A light rain had been falling all day—a little, delicate, beautiful spring rain, that somehow seemed to hint and whisper of mayflowers and wakening violets. The harbour and the gulf and the low-lying shore fields had been dim with pearl-gray mists. But now in the evening the rain had ceased and the mists had blown out to sea. Clouds sprinkled the sky over the harbour like little fiery roses. Beyond it the hills were dark against a spendthrift splendour of daffodil and crimson. A great silvery evening star was watching over the bar. A brisk, dancing, new-sprung wind was blowing up from Rainbow Valley, resinous with the odours of fir and damp mosses.
Okay, seriously, if you didn't think that description was amazingly beautiful, I don't know how to help you. 

3. Kilmeny of the Orchard
The sunshine of a day in early spring, honey pale and honey sweet, was showering over the red brick buildings of Queenslea College and the grounds about them, throwing through the bare, budding maples and elms, delicate, evasive etchings of gold and brown on the paths, and coaxing into life the daffodils that were peering greenly and perkily up under the windows of the co-eds’ dressing-room.

A young April wind, as fresh and sweet as if it had been blowing over the fields of memory instead of through dingy streets, was purring in the tree-tops and whipping the loose tendrils of the ivy network which covered the front of the main building. It was a wind that sang of many things, but what it sang to each listener was only what was in that listener’s heart.

I don't even know what to say about this; it's pure poetry.

4. Anne of Green Gables
 Spring had come once more to Green Gables—the beautiful capricious, reluctant Canadian spring, lingering along through April and May in a succession of sweet, fresh, chilly days, with pink sunsets and miracles of resurrection and growth. The maples in Lover’s Lane were red budded and little curly ferns pushed up around the Dryad’s Bubble. Away up in the barrens, behind Mr. Silas Sloane’s place, the Mayflowers blossomed out, pink and white stars of sweetness under their brown leaves. All the school girls and boys had one golden afternoon gathering them, coming home in the clear, echoing twilight with arms and baskets full of flowery spoil.
“I’m so sorry for people who live in lands where there are no Mayflowers,” said Anne.

Aaah isn't it beautiful? You can just see what L. M. Montgomery is describing!!

5. Rilla of Ingleside
Rilla put away her diary and went out to the garden. The spring evening was very lovely. The long, green, seaward-looking glen was filled with dusk, and beyond it were meadows of sunset. The harbour was radiant, purple here, azure there, opal elsewhere. The maple grove was beginning to be misty green. Rilla looked about her with wistful eyes. Who said that spring was the joy of the year? It was the heart-break of the year. And the pale-purply mornings and the daffodil stars and the wind in the old pine were so many separate pangs of the heart-break. Would life ever be free from dread again?

"It's good to see P.E.I. twilight once more," said Walter, joining her. "I didn't really remember that the sea was so blue and the roads so red and the wood nooks so wild and fairy haunted. Yes, the fairies still abide here. I vow I could find scores of them under the violets in Rainbow Valley."

Being Rilla of Ingleside, the description is laced with tragedy. But it is oh, so beautiful.

6. Rilla of Ingleside (again)
When the bitter dawn came she rose and went to her window. Below her was a big apple-tree, a great swelling cone of rosy blossom. Walter had planted it years ago when he was a little boy. Beyond Rainbow Valley there was a cloudy shore of morning with little ripples of sunrise breaking over it. The far, cold beauty of a lingering star shone above it. Why, in this world of springtime loveliness, must hearts break?

Aaah, my heart! 

Now if you don't think L. M. Montgomery has a positive gift with words and descriptions, you are no longer welcome here. Haha. Just kidding. (Kind of) 

I hope you all are enjoying Spring, except for dear Miss Evie (for those of you who are not so fortunate as to have met that lady's acquaintance, I beg you do not think I mean her any ill will, but simply that it is not springtime where she lives :). 

Monday, March 13, 2017

"I'm so thankful for friendship. It beautifies life so much."

Hello dear readers! I am here with my best friend who is here to visit, as aforementioned in my last post

We have had a lovely week together, and we have done several fun things. Here are a few. :)

-We stopped for ice cream at the cafe at the end of our road on the way home from early-morning Bible study. 

-We visited a little historic library. She checked out some books the old-fashioned way, for the librarian still writes out the dates in the back of the books.

-We hiked to a waterfall, a 4-mile hike near our house.

-We attempted a 24-hour movie marathon, which lasted 12 hours, ending around 1 am after watching Pride and Prejudice (1995, of course), Emma (2009, of course), and part of Persuasion (1995), with a few breaks. 

It is perfectly lovely, we agree, to watch these movies with someone who knows them as well as you do, for we both quoted several lines from each, and being kindred spirits, we laughed and sighed, etc., at all the right places.

We finished watching Persuasion the next day. We also watched Anne of Avonlea (BBC 1975), which has some terrible casting and some 70's hair and acting, but it does a good job of keeping to the storyline, which is of course a good thing.

-We ate lunch at a perfectly adorable little cafe, which had delicious food, and a bakery, from which it took us forever to choose things. 

-She came to the school with me, which is in fact where we are now. 

She leaves tomorrow, which shall be a sad thing indeed. But we have thoroughly enjoyed our time together. Indeed, "I'm so thankful for friendship. It beautifies life so much."

Friday, February 24, 2017

New Header + Small update on my boring life

Sigh. Dear readers, I currently have twelve tabs of blog posts I need to comment on, and it's stressing me out, because I just barely glanced at the time and realized I have to go to class in 10 minutes. 
And that's maybe half of the posts in my reading list, because I simply don't have time for all of you lovely people's posts. 
Anyway, I did finally get around to changing my Christmas look out for a look that will probably do just fine for both winter and spring, which is nice, because it's practically spring here in my corner of the world anyway, unusual though it is.

There, I have now successfully rambled for that long. Sigh. 

Where was I going with this post? I don't know.

Here I am back, a couple hours later, to try to make sense of anything and to actually comment on all those 12 posts.
All right, lovely people, let's try for some organization some random bits of nonsense.

-Remember I said I was writing a musical? Well, it's no longer a musical but a play (guys, writing script is 10000x easier than writing songs, let me tell you). It's coming along...marvellously. It's Sleeping Beauty, and in addition to my playwright and director roles, I also play the part of the evil fairy.

-School Sigh. (Remember when I did that post on Algebra? Replace "Algebra" with Calculus...with some adjustments as it's a college lecture class, not Khan Academy).

-Spring break is the week after next, and my very best bosom friend and kindred spirit is coming to visit!!! For the first time ever (usually I visit her)!!!! (She lives across the country so we don't get to see each other often.) She's coming for a whole week!!!! It's going to be fabulous and we are likely going to write a blog post together, or document our 24-hour movie marathon on here, or both, or something.
I'm so excited!!!

-I read The Blue Castle again recently, and gaaahh, I love it so much.

-I was supposed to start working on schoolwork six minutes ago, but the fact is, none of the deadlines are soon enough for me to have much motivation. It's a rough place to be in, because I know I should do work, but I can't make myself focus, but I can't just enjoy being lazy because I should be working.
Did that make any sense? :)

-What do you do when you have a guy who's a really good friend but everyone thinks you either are, should be, or will be dating but you've even talked about it, for pity's sake, and agreed that it simply wouldn't do?

-Speaking of, I just took a break to give the poor lad mentioned above a bite during a short break from class he had.

-I need to go comment on all those posts now, so I can keep procrastinating schoolwork.

-Tell me something lovely and cheerful, please, all of you; I'm in need of some cheering up. (Of course, I'm about to get some with the posts I'm about to read...but here you can tell me little sunshiny tidbits.)

Monday, February 6, 2017

Sunshine Blogger Award

Miss March, one of my absolutely favourite bloggers ever, tagged me for this "Sunshine Blogger Award". Thank you, Miss March!!

1. What was the last book you read?

-North and South. I finished it a couple of weeks ago, and I'm sorry to say I haven't read any books since then. :( 
2. On a typical evening at home, what are you most often found doing -- reading a book, watching a movie, playing games with your siblings, twiddling your thumbs...what?
-Sigh. Pinterest. I find this quote to very accurately describe me scrolling through Pinterest:

3. You have the choice of being an only child or having twenty siblings.  Which do you choose?
-Oh, dearie me! I don't know! I have five siblings, and sometimes I wish I could just be by myself for a while, and sometimes I am glad I'm not an only child. Dearie me. I don't know. I know that's not a good answer, but I just can't say. 

4. Do you prefer bike riding or walking?
-Well, I would say I prefer riding a bike, but I walk more often. 

5.  If you had to create your own family made up of characters from literature (or film) who would you choose to have as your father?  As your mother?  Choose a brother and a sister, too, just for the fun of it.  :)
-Oh, wow. Hmmmm. That is a rather fun question, and very creative! I love it. 
Father: Gilbert Blythe. Okay, that might sound really weird. But I've read the later Anne books just as much as the earlier ones, and honestly, Gilbert is a great dad. He's a lot like my own dad, really, so I guess that's why I'd choose him. 
Mother: Continuing that, I would love to have Anne as a mother. Seriously, the way she's described as a mother in the later books is just so sweet and she is an absolutely ideal mother. 
Brother: I'd love Jingle Gordon as a brother. Also, I'm not sure if anyone knows who this is, but Jim Frayne, from Trixie Belden, would make an awesome brother.
Sister: Elizabeth Bennet. And Jane Bennet. Also Elinor Dashwood. 
(Sorry, did you say a brother and a sister? :)

6.  Did you ever receive money under your pillow after losing a tooth?
-Yes! And then eventually my parents kept forgetting so they said they fired the tooth fairy. However, I never believed in the tooth fairy anyway thanks to my older brother. :/

7.  What's your favorite color?
-My default answer to this has been purple for years, so we'll go with that. 

8. Would you rather wash dishes or iron clothes?
-Ummmm. Wash dishes?

9. What is your opinion on zoos?  Interesting or boring?
-I'm afraid I'm growing up, or something. I find them somewhat interesting, but, like, only if you keep moving on through without dawdling. :)

10. Growing up, did you have a favorite doll? What was her name?
-My best friend made me a doll for my 8th birthday (with the help of her mother). Her name was Sari (Kirsten from American Girl, anyone?) and my best friend had a similar doll that her mother had made her whose name was Sara. 

Thanks so much for the tag, Miss March! It gave me a good reason to make time for blogging. :)

(Also, yes, I still have my Christmas look up. Sigh. I'll get around to it eventually, okay? :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

So much for that...

Guys, I'm writing a musical and I don't have time for blogging. What happened to my lovely break?
A musical. Writing. A. Musical.

"Write a musical? Yeah, sure, Mom, no problem."

I'm writing it for our homeschool group to perform.
Why did I agree to this?

I mean, I've written several plays, and several song parodies, so how hard can a musical be?

Anyway. That's why I won't do as much blogging as I expected. Wish me luck.
(And can you tell how blastedly fried my brain is?)
(Also chocolate and Blimey Cow and Pinterest are my lifesavers.)

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Yes, dear readers, I have been long absent...again. 
I just returned from a 2 1/2 week Christmas vacation trip. 
So please excuse that I have not commented on all your lovely Christmas and New Year's posts, and please excuse me if I do not do so at all. 
It's been rather bad timing as far as all this goes, because I had finals week and then we left for our trip just a couple of busy days after that. 
Can you all please forgive me, and understand?
Thanks so much.
Also, I am in the process of reading a bunch of, twenty of them, so I will likely read your posts, just don't expect me to comment on most of them. :)
(Here's the thing, though: I have about 3 weeks of vacation left with nothing to do. So you can probably expect me to be back to blogging and commenting!)