Thursday, August 31, 2017

Jumping on the Bandwagon

All right, ladies. I think I've at last decided I can follow the example of so many others of you and do an...

Ask Me Anything!

I think I can handle the responsibility of doing a follow-up post. As in, I think I have time to write one up. So...give me your questions! You can ask absolutely anything you like, any personal questions, any theoretical questions, anything, and in return for that gracious favour I shall retain the privilege of refusing to answer questions if necessary or if I simply feel like it. But still, like I said, ask absolutely anything you want and I shall answer (or not answer) as I please.

Ask away!

~Tempest in a Teacup~ (Pinterest)

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Little Dorrit...Take 2

I'm rewatching Little Dorrit, and goodness me, I'd forgotten how much there was that I didn't like! To be sure, the ending left me with such a happy image last time that I have always thought of it as a marvellous series. This time, however, watching it, I'm reminded of how dark and evil it is.
I think part of the difference is because last time, I was reading and watching it at the same time. I would read a section, then watch the corresponding segment. Which was somewhat helpful for keeping track of the plots and characters. I think that helped keep it balanced, too. Because dark as Dickens may be, the book wasn't as dark as the movie. For one, at the very least, there wasn't the creepy music. Also, I think that Monsiuer Blandois Rigaud is exaggerated more in the movie. Or maybe it's the actor. I'm not sure, but while he is still pure evil in the book, he seems so much more evil in the movie. He feels so evil. I think his theme creepy music has something to do with that, too. Whatever it is, it feels like pure evil whenever he's onscreen.

I think I'd also forgotten how much that wasn't good besides Rigaud. There are a total of characters off the top of my head that are actually good whom I actually like. And a whole lot more than that that aren't.
Like Amy's family! They bother me soooo much. Auuuuuggggghhhh. I want to slap them all in the face frequently. JUST SHUT UP. LEAVE AMY ALONE. GO THROW YOURSELF OFF A CLIFF FOR SPEAKING TO HER LIKE THAT.
(Side note. Is anyone shocked to hear Rae speaking in such a manner? If so, I do hope you do not find it too vulgar and inappropriate.)
But really. They are SO unjust and unfair and so blind and they treat Amy horridly. They blame her for everything. They oppress her. They emotionally abuse her. And what does she do? She smiles, loves them, bears it like the perfect saint she is. She deserves so much better than that horrid family of hers, and fortunately she gets her happiness in the end but FOR TWENTY-ONE YEARS she had to put up with that.
It just makes me so mad.

*Deep breaths*

Flintwinch. What on earth?! I don't like him a bit. 

Mrs. Clennam. More dark scenes and creepy music. I don't like it.
(Also. In the book it just said "D. N. F." so it was not quite so blatantly obvious what it meant.)

Oh, and this time watching it, I skipped the first four episodes. I know what happens enough, and I remembered the second half being better than the first (I know the first 4 isn't nearly half; that's just how much I skipped). 
I just finished episode 10. I'll finish watching it, I just wanted to stop and write down my thoughts so far before I forgot it all in the happy ending. 
I believe I shall finish watching, and then continue this post, and who knows? Perhaps there may be some good in this post after all.
*finishes watching Little Dorrit and comes back a couple days later and finishes post without rereading above*
 Okay, I adore Edmund Sparkler. He is absolutely hilarious.

And Mrs. Finching--Flora--!!! She cracked me up. For real. I laughed aloud in a couple of her scenes (and those were the only times I laughed in the movie) (maybe) (no, I laughed aloud at Edmund Sparkler, too). Especially the first scene where Amy goes to her house. I couldn't stop laughing. She's a riot. I adore her. She has a very good soul and heart, too. I wish her the best. She has absolutely no malice in her. She's a dear. And she's hilarious.

You know the scene where he's talking to Mr. Clennam as soon as he comes to the Marshalsea? (I feel like I spelled that wrong, please correct me.) That was the only scene in which I cried. And I mean, like, sobbed, like John. And I never sob in movies. (So we can blame this phenomenon either on John or on the fact that I became a crybaby this summer.) But stiiiiilllllll!!!!!!
I adore John and he deserves the absolute best.
HERE'S SOMETHING that I posed to Naomi that I'm kind of unsure about BUT--
If you've read Rilla of Ingleside, hear me.
John Chivery
Okay so I'm kinda shipping it right now. Hear me out. They'd both understand each other perfectly when it comes to losing the person they've loved since children. And that would always be part of their relationship, that understanding. BUT they're both so sweet and Amy and Una are not dissimilar and while John and Walter aren't very similar, I think Una would learn to love him quite well. It may seem like a step down after Walter, but hear me out (some more). John is actually like, perfect. He is the perfect gentleman. He'd do literally anything for those he loves. Maybe he's "not as good as Walter"??? but I'd say let's not compare them, and just recognize each for their individual perfection. Because they're both perfect in different ways. And I think John Chivery would be perfect for Una. And Una would be perfect for John.
One more thing. Someone, maybe it was Naomi? Ok fine I'll go see if I can find it...(Oh hey, Naomi has a marvellous new blog look, love it)...*goes and looks for the thing*... It wasn't Naomi, great, let me see...
Okay was that boring enough?
Let me continue.
Someone made a dream cast of Rilla of Ingleside once that cast Claire Foy (who plays Little D) as Una. That's all I was trying to say. But I have no clue who it was.
Okay. *sighs and goes to Google* I'll find it.
IT WAS AMY AT Yet Another Period Drama Blog IN 2012 okay.
Here you go.
She even mentions Little Dorrit but I didn't remember that because I had barely heard of it when I first read this.


(Does something that long count as a side note?) (Maybe it should be its own post?) (Too bad.)

Okay, so I think this post is a dreadful enough mess. Perhaps I should wrap it up?

Oh, one more thing. I do LOVE the ending of Little Dorrit. In fact, I find the entire last episode to be marvellous. Which is good. What's the point of watching something if it doesn't leave a good taste in your mouth?

Now, tell me what you think. Of all that.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Summer Photographs

Here's a collection of some of my favourite pictures I've taken this summer. They were all taken with my phone camera, so excuse if some show up as poor quality on a larger screen. I shall hope for the best. 
July 4th fireworks



pine branches in the evening

my great-grandmother's barn

Scrabble with my sister

a kiss in the rain (Rae must have her humour) (it was really raining)

rays of sunshine

purple clover & daisies



sunlight & leaves


morning sky

countryside walk


by the river


sun & trees

(I'm sure the labels were immensely helpful :p )

Hope you all enjoyed this!

Friday, August 18, 2017

New Header!

I've finally made a new header! I rather like this one. I do enjoy designing things. Putting pieces together to make something nice. 
Anyway, here it is! This will do for late summer and fall if it has to...we'll see if I make another fall one. :)

(Oh, and the photo credit for the third picture goes to me :)

And I'm afraid my background is both a) one I've used before and b) one of the Blogger stock backgrounds, but I was having a simply dreadful time trying to find something better. And this one looks quite nice, I think, so it will do. Perhaps I'll change it...but knowing me, that's not likely.

How has y'all's summer been? Who's going back to school soon? How's life? Etc. :D

Monday, August 14, 2017

This Title Is Deceiving


But here's the thing, I can't really title a post like this. So we'll see how it goes.


You ladies who frequent my corner of the blogosphere are some of the sweetest, most supportive, understanding, amazing people I know. Your comments have made my day so many times. Your blog posts (if you have a blog) have made me laugh or cheered me up on many occasions. But seriously, I just want to THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH.
(Sorry, sorry, she just describes that emotion too well... *sigh*)

You guys have been super supportive when I've complained, which has been all I've done at times. When I've done a "pop in" post simply to say "sorry I haven't been here in forever" you all have been "so happy to see me!" and so very understanding of being busy with school. You've shown sympathy through my school, especially Calculus as I complained about that quite a bit. You've all been such understanding dears and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOUR COMMENTS HAS MADE MY DAY. I don't know if you guys know how much your sweet, darling comments have made me smile, laugh, say "awwww" or all of the above (Miss March, your comments have made me do all of the above without fail, at least as far as I can remember) (SO HAVE SO MANY OTHERS). You guys are seriously the sweetest and the best. 
**Hugs to you all!!!**
And then with this move, that I narrated in my last three posts, YOU GUYS ARE SO GREAT. Your comments have been so sweet and supportive and understanding and sympathetic and your comments made my day many times over. Seriously. I almost cried at some of them. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH. 

Aaaaaaahhh. I don't know how to express what I want to say.
I am so grateful to be blessed with the friendship of so many dear ladies.

I have not read y'all's blog posts these past couple of months. And I'm quite sure that you all have delightful posts I hate to have missed. So here's what I want you to do.
Pick 1, 2, or 3 of your posts from since my official taking leave, or if I missed it before then, that you want me to read, and link to them in the comments. I'll read and comment on the ones you link me to. I look forward to reading y'all's posts again!!!

Another thing. Check this out. It isn't my best post, I wrote it a great while ago, but you should go read it anyway. To support the P&P'95 forever club which isn't a very active blog, but WE ARE ALL MEMBERS IN OUR HEARTS are we not, whether officially or not.

Also, I just want to say, I watched both Pride and Prejudice (I would say 1995 but isn't that redundant by now?) and Wives and Daughters this week and I LOVE BOTH OF THOSE SO MUCH. (Obviously P&P is the best movie ever and I love it a little more than W&D, but I still LOOOVE Wives and Daughters. If you haven't seen it, go do it. Now.)

I think that's all...
And don't forget to comment with those links!
Have a marvellous week!!!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Part 3: Living in ----

July 27th we arrived. We had to stay at my aunt and uncle's house about 15 minutes away, because it turned out the owners of our new house couldn't close until the following Monday (unlike Friday like we'd originally thought). We arrived around midnight and I took a shower right away and then caught up my journal writing. I wasn't tired, particuarly, not physically sleepy anyway; I'd gotten sleep in the car. (By the way, I only know these dates I've mentioned because I do keep a journal.)
Turns out I found something to love in ---- right away: my cousins. My aunt and uncle have 3 children and I adore them. And they adore me. And I am going to be able to see them quite a bit now! And hopefully babysit them because did I mention I adore them?? Yeah.
Also, July 29th I was able to see my bestest friend in the world.
Okay, so I found things to like in ---- right away. But Sunday I found myself hating it. Our new congregation is fairly small, with a youth group even smaller than our last one had been. The oldest girl besides myself and my next youngest sister is 2 years my junior, and after that the oldest (besides my other sister) is 2 years HER junior. Besides that, they were not the most welcoming of groups. They had their own friends that caused them to deem it unnecessary to talk to the 3 new girls.
Now, this is not necessarily unusual for a new group of people. It just takes time, right? Just some time, and then we'll be friends. But here's the thing. It took me so long in our last area to become friends with and part of the group of girls there. I don't make friends easily and there were a lot of differences to overcome. It was only in the last 2-4 years of living there that I really felt like I belonged. And then to tear me away and put me with these new, young, not-very-welcoming girls? Not a promising scenario for making friends. I'm far too...shy? Not quite. But you know what I mean? Especially because I plan to move out to go to college in a year or less. That's not enough time to make friends, and definitely not enough time to make it worth the effort.
Anyway, worry not, I found something to love the very next day.
My aunt was telling us about a homeschooling family that lives next door to her. Actually, she informed me that she was arranging my marriage to their oldest son who is close to my age. She also told my mom that she'd like their mom; they were similar. Well, she was right (about the latter :D).
We went over to meet them on Monday, and our families clicked almost immediately. Well, a lot of homeschooling families do, and ours definitely did. I found that the eldest son and I do have a lot in common, including an interest in writing and acting in plays (I would say directing too but this last play made me swear off directing forever), photography, and graphic design.
Oh, and PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. Yes, ladies, he and I share a favorite book (at least P&P is close to the top enough that I say it's my favorite when asked). In fact, he wrote (adapted), directed, and and played Mr. Darcy in a stage production of Pride and Prejudice. Which I knew previously thanks to my aunt, and that sounded awfully intimidating to think that someone could do that, but then when I heard how much time he had, the budget he had, and the help he had it was far less intimidating because I knew I could have done it in his situation too (not play Mr. Darcy, obviously, what nonsense). So there you go, ladies, such a man exists. And you can have him, too, I get the feeling we're going to be friends, but I highly doubt anything more than that.
They have a girl a couple of years my junior, too, who has a marvellous taste in books. The meaning of which I need not explain to such an audience as my blog readers, therefore I stop myself.
They get all the homeschooling things, too, like how homeschool moms can talk AND talk, AND talk, and then say it's time to go, get up and move towards the door, stop, talk some more AND some more, then move to the door, talk some more, and then either tear apart or move to the car and talk some more. In fact, when discussing that thing (as our moms demonstrated obliviously) we kept interrupting each other, and saying "yes exactly!!" and such; we all got each other quite well.
I am quite happy about knowing this family, it was quite a relief to meet people who immediately became friends. And they live only 15 minutes away and we shall see each other fairly often!
That was only yesterday, so I am now caught up.
Now for a teeny summary of the future. I'm taking (at least) a semester off school, because it was too late to apply for fall semester at any colleges and I didn't want to jump into that right away. I plan to get a job (we've got a lot of options close by in this area!) and I also plan to have time for things like reading, sewing, music, and blogging! Things that have been tragically neglected in the past few months. So, ladies, though I promise nothing I have high hopes for being able to keep up with blogging.
That's all for now! 3 posts to make up for a lack, and I'll see what I can do about getting caught up on reading! We don't actually have WiFi at our house yet so I've been typing this up offline, which is doable but reading blogs isn't possible offline so it may be longer before I get back to that.
It's good to be back, ladies! I've missed you! I'll try to come back for real!

Part 2: From Decision To Move

So, to continue from where I left off, June 7th everything changed.
June 8th I began to tell people of our decision. I started with my bestest friend ever, who was actually thrilled because she lives in ---- and we'd be an hour apart, after living 1,000-2,000 miles apart our entire lives/friendship.
The next to know was the dear friend who knew of the possibility, and she was heartbroken. As was I. You can bet the tears started again.
I told my other very dear friends, and was met with dismay and sadness, which I shared in fervently.
Our week-long church Girls Camp brought more tears towards the end of it. I'd been going to that camp for 6 years, and I love so many of those girls and ladies.
But anyway, those 6 weeks after The Decision were busy, busy, busy. A couple of days after the Girls Camp, we left for a 1 and 1/2 week trip to ----, in which we dropped my brother off for a 2-year church mission (July 5th) and found a house to buy (July 3rd). I also was able to complete my last two English assignments in time found on that trip, which took a great deal of stress away! (I had managed to finish the first ones before we left.)
Upon returning, our days were filled with painting, packing, and polishing.
Let me interject with more depressing details.
In those 6 weeks I had more emotional breakdowns and more crying than I ever had before (note: this does not include crying as a baby).
July 16th we took a day trip to my cousin's wedding.
July 20th-22nd I went to church Youth Conference. Leaving there was excessively difficult and extremely sad. Saturday, I cried a lot. These people had been young people I had done many things with for many years, and among them were some of my best friends, including the one who understands me and the one who calls me her sister that I mentioned earlier. Fortunately I was able to pull some strings and room with both of these girls, for which I was very grateful.
But oh, to say goodbye!! A lot of these girls had been to Girl's Camps with me, too, and the group as a whole had been part of my life for years. And this was the last time I'd be with them. Tears, yes, many were shed that day.
Sunday, July 23rd was another difficult, teary day. That was the last day we'd be at church, the congregation we'd been part of for 8 years. I love the group of girls I was part of there, as well as so many of the adults who had been and were my teachers and leaders. I cried when we left that building; it held so many, many dear memories.
Monday we packed the truck (mostly) and said some more last goodbyes, including one girl from church that I'm very close to and a family we've known for almost 12 years, whose children I've watched be born and grow up. After these people left, I went to my (mostly empty) room and--you can guess what I did. This move has turned me into such an emotional wreck.
July 25th we planned to leave in the morning, but all the last-minute stuff pushed our departure to about 9 pm. We drove through that night, and drove and drove and drove and drove and DROVE.
Oh and I cried. A lot. I cried when leaving our house, I cried when we ran into dear friends from church at Wendy's on our way out of town, I cried driving out of town, I cried that night a lot, I cried the next day driving somewhere out in the middle of nowhere--
What did I tell you, this move has made me into an emotional wreck. Oh yes, have I mentioned the fact that I've NEVER been a crier? Like really at all? I haven't. I've never really cried over things.
Until June 7th.
So anyway, there you go, the (approx.) 6 (I just checked, it's actually more like 7; I've been thinking wrong) weeks from The Decision to The Move
There's one part left: Part 3: Living in ----
Also do you see why I had to take an official blogging break?

Part 1: The Decision

Alllllllllll righty, dear ones. Here you go.

June 1st was when things officially began to change, though potential had been in the air for a while. That night Mom and Dad announced that Dad had an offer for a job that turned out to be more appealing than they had originally thought it would be. Their decision to refuse the offer if extended was suddenly less reasonable, and it was looking like we might move to ----. I was devastated at the idea. I had lived in ----- for 13 years, and in that precise town in ----- for 8 years. I made my dearest, closest friends in those 8 years, the friends I will keep forever. Moving away from them was the last thing I wanted to do.
Besides that, the next two days after June 1st our homeschool group performed The Sleeping Beauty (the play I have mentioned. It went over all right, ladies, thanks for all your encouragement and interest). I was stressed out about that.
Besides that, I was taking an online college English class this summer. And we were already taking a trip to the place to which we'd be moving! How on earth could I manage my English class with everything else going on??
June 6th, Mom and Dad decided we were not moving after all.
June 7th, my life officially changed.
I would say it started out as a normal day because that seems so typical of days that turn out to change your life, but this was not the case. I was awakened for breakfast as usual, and at breakfast my parents announced that they didn't feel good about the decision to stay, and it was officially up in the air--AGAIN (let me say, I have omitted several times a "final decision" or a "maybe final decision" was made; there were far to many). However, this time the "up in the air" was decidedly leaning towards moving. Mom was crying, Dad was serious.
That afternoon I met up with a dear friend I had made at school, because she happened to be in town when we were, which was delightful. She happened to be the one person I had told about the earliest possibilities of moving, as she was wholly unconnected with my family, and her family didn't know mine, and she didn't know other people we knew, so there was no worry of news spreading when there was no sure thing. Naturally she asked about the state of the decision at that point, mainly if one had been made, and I simply told her there was no final decision yet.
That night, my parents announced a final, final, unrelenting, irrevocable decision: our family was moving to ----.
I would say I burst into tears, as that is a typical reaction, but it wasn't quite like that. My throat started swelling and teats started seeping out; I have always been determined not to cry in front of my family. But it was no use attempting to hold it in, out the sobs came. And came. I thought of my dear friend previously mentioned, and sobbed. I thought of another very dear friend, who understands me like almost no one else, who calls me her best friend, and sobbed. I wept for, oh, I don't know how long. Then a few minutes later I thought of another dear friend, nay, sister, who has known me longer than almost anyone else, who calls me her sister--and I am the only one she calls that--and began sobbing again.
To be sure, you are likely not interested in such detail of my weeping. Therefore I will continue on to my following point--this decision was certainly real.
At that point in time preceding this last decision, I had made up my mind to be okay with any decision. Which was a good thing, because were it not for that all the decision-making would have been an emotional roller coaster. As it was, no decision made previously had had much effect on me, emotionally, mentally, whatever. It was just "okay, that's that" for whichever turn it took.
This time, however, it was most certainly real, and I could feel it in my soul, therefore the tears.

Well. It's taken me that long to talk about the decision; I think I'll do this in segments. Coming soon: From Decision To Move, also titled, The Worst Time Of My Life So Far