Thursday, August 3, 2017

Part 3: Living in ----

July 27th we arrived. We had to stay at my aunt and uncle's house about 15 minutes away, because it turned out the owners of our new house couldn't close until the following Monday (unlike Friday like we'd originally thought). We arrived around midnight and I took a shower right away and then caught up my journal writing. I wasn't tired, particuarly, not physically sleepy anyway; I'd gotten sleep in the car. (By the way, I only know these dates I've mentioned because I do keep a journal.)
Turns out I found something to love in ---- right away: my cousins. My aunt and uncle have 3 children and I adore them. And they adore me. And I am going to be able to see them quite a bit now! And hopefully babysit them because did I mention I adore them?? Yeah.
Also, July 29th I was able to see my bestest friend in the world.
Okay, so I found things to like in ---- right away. But Sunday I found myself hating it. Our new congregation is fairly small, with a youth group even smaller than our last one had been. The oldest girl besides myself and my next youngest sister is 2 years my junior, and after that the oldest (besides my other sister) is 2 years HER junior. Besides that, they were not the most welcoming of groups. They had their own friends that caused them to deem it unnecessary to talk to the 3 new girls.
Now, this is not necessarily unusual for a new group of people. It just takes time, right? Just some time, and then we'll be friends. But here's the thing. It took me so long in our last area to become friends with and part of the group of girls there. I don't make friends easily and there were a lot of differences to overcome. It was only in the last 2-4 years of living there that I really felt like I belonged. And then to tear me away and put me with these new, young, not-very-welcoming girls? Not a promising scenario for making friends. I'm far too...shy? Not quite. But you know what I mean? Especially because I plan to move out to go to college in a year or less. That's not enough time to make friends, and definitely not enough time to make it worth the effort.
Anyway, worry not, I found something to love the very next day.
My aunt was telling us about a homeschooling family that lives next door to her. Actually, she informed me that she was arranging my marriage to their oldest son who is close to my age. She also told my mom that she'd like their mom; they were similar. Well, she was right (about the latter :D).
We went over to meet them on Monday, and our families clicked almost immediately. Well, a lot of homeschooling families do, and ours definitely did. I found that the eldest son and I do have a lot in common, including an interest in writing and acting in plays (I would say directing too but this last play made me swear off directing forever), photography, and graphic design.
Oh, and PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. Yes, ladies, he and I share a favorite book (at least P&P is close to the top enough that I say it's my favorite when asked). In fact, he wrote (adapted), directed, and and played Mr. Darcy in a stage production of Pride and Prejudice. Which I knew previously thanks to my aunt, and that sounded awfully intimidating to think that someone could do that, but then when I heard how much time he had, the budget he had, and the help he had it was far less intimidating because I knew I could have done it in his situation too (not play Mr. Darcy, obviously, what nonsense). So there you go, ladies, such a man exists. And you can have him, too, I get the feeling we're going to be friends, but I highly doubt anything more than that.
They have a girl a couple of years my junior, too, who has a marvellous taste in books. The meaning of which I need not explain to such an audience as my blog readers, therefore I stop myself.
They get all the homeschooling things, too, like how homeschool moms can talk AND talk, AND talk, and then say it's time to go, get up and move towards the door, stop, talk some more AND some more, then move to the door, talk some more, and then either tear apart or move to the car and talk some more. In fact, when discussing that thing (as our moms demonstrated obliviously) we kept interrupting each other, and saying "yes exactly!!" and such; we all got each other quite well.
I am quite happy about knowing this family, it was quite a relief to meet people who immediately became friends. And they live only 15 minutes away and we shall see each other fairly often!
That was only yesterday, so I am now caught up.
Now for a teeny summary of the future. I'm taking (at least) a semester off school, because it was too late to apply for fall semester at any colleges and I didn't want to jump into that right away. I plan to get a job (we've got a lot of options close by in this area!) and I also plan to have time for things like reading, sewing, music, and blogging! Things that have been tragically neglected in the past few months. So, ladies, though I promise nothing I have high hopes for being able to keep up with blogging.
That's all for now! 3 posts to make up for a lack, and I'll see what I can do about getting caught up on reading! We don't actually have WiFi at our house yet so I've been typing this up offline, which is doable but reading blogs isn't possible offline so it may be longer before I get back to that.
It's good to be back, ladies! I've missed you! I'll try to come back for real!


  1. *GASP* There is a guy that loves Pride and Prejudice??? (will wonders ever cease?)

    Sheesh, girl, I don't blame you for taking a blogging break!! I know what it's like to move, and it's not easy, I'll tell you that much. Hope everything settles down soon!


    1. I KNOW, RIGHT?! Amazing.
      Haha, thank you so much!!
      Thanks so much for your comment, Catherine!!!

  2. I totally know what you mean about the difficulty of making friends. You're not alone in that for sure! And yes. It's super hard going into a new church and feeling like you're on the outside looking in. I've definitely experienced that in my life. Sadly though, I'm afraid I can't give you any advice on how to break into the group because well...I haven't learned that trick myself yet. :P I'm sure you'll do much better than I at making friends though!

    I'm so glad you're living closer to your best friend now. That's definitely a plus! And don't forget, if you were able keep in contact with your best friend for so many years while living so far away from each other, you can do the same with all the other friends that you just left. Emails and letters and phone calls. It's not the same, but it can still be special.

    Eeek! I'M SO GLAD YOU MET ANOTHER HOMESCHOOLING FAMILY AND THAT YOU CLICKED WITH THEM RIGHT AWAY!!! That is awesome! And the son likes Pride and Prejudice? Rae. Are you sure you could only ever be friends with him? I mean, how can you pass such a guy up? (Haha. Just kidding. ;))

    "(not play Mr. Darcy, obviously, what nonsense)" Haha. That totally made me chuckle. You're hilarious. :D

    And oh-my-goodness-yes!! What you said about homeschooling moms and their way of "ending" conversations was spot on! "...then move to the door, talk some more, and then either tear apart or move to the car and talk some more." Haha. SO TRUE!! :D :D

    It's so good to have you back, Rae!!! You were certainly missed! :D

    ~Miss March

    1. Yesss, it's hard. I'm sorry you've had that too; it's one of the worst feelings. Thanks for your sympathy/empathy. <3

      It is soooo nice!! I just spent a couple of days with her (and we watched P&P on a whim and stayed up til 4am watching it) and it was great. And yes that's true! :) That's a comforting thought.

      ISN'T THAT AMAZING?! So nice. And yes, doesn't he sound amazing? Hahaha.

      Hahaha I hoped at least someone would get a chuckle out of that, and I confess I thought of you when I wrote that and hoped you'd be amused. So THANKS. :D

      Hahaha you know it too! Pretty sure it's a universal thing. #homeschoolersunderstand

      Ahhh thank you so much, Miss March!!! I've missed you too!!!

    2. Seriously? You actually thought of me when you wrote that and hoped I'd be amused by it? That is too funny! I guess you know me! Heehee. ;)

  3. It must have been a long journey with the car.

    It is good to see you happy Rae, I mean it. It is fun to have close family nearby house. Aww, it is fun that they adore you, those little cuties! I hope you can babysit them, it would be lovely to do that. :)

    It is lovely to see your best friend, it makes you happy, doesn't it? It makes me happy anyway.

    Having a fairly small congregation that isn't fun, nor that they aren't so friendly. I always think that you must welcome new people with open arms. By the time, you get to know them better, like you said, it takes time.

    I don't make new friends easily either. It took me almost a half year to make new friends in my class of last year. But, through the year, we are friends.

    Yes, I totally agree with you. Why put a new girl in a new group of girls who doesn't welcome you so much as they should. I understand. There is so little time to make friends if you go to college.
    How fun, that your aunt told you and your family that there is a family nearby who also give homeschooling to there children. It is good that it clicked immediately. It is fun that there oldest son has the same interest as you.
    So lovely.

    It is good to have you back Rae! I have missed you too! Take your time, don't make haste. I am looking forward to see you more often on your blog.

    <3 <3 <3

    1. Ugh, it certainly was. :/

      Aww, thank you!! They are actually at my house right now, speaking of them! Haha. :)

      Yesss, it does!! I just spent a couple of days with her and it was amazing. (We watched P&P'95, haha.)

      Aww, yes, thanks for understanding.

      Yeah. :/ That's good that you made friends, though!

      Yes, isn't that fun!

      Ahh, I've missed you too!!

      Thank you SO MUCH for your comment!! And all your support and encouragement!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  4. Oh yay!!! I love happy endings!!!! This will be so great Rae, and those girls from the youth group are probably just shy, soon they will see what a great person you are!!! Good Luck in your new house/town/place!

    1. Thank you SO MUCH!!! <3 <3 <3
      Thanks for all your sweet comments!!!

  5. Rae, you're back! And how lovely it is to hear from you! I'm glad you've settled in (sort of), and absolutely delighted you've made some acquaintances (which, it seems, will soon become friendships)
    Consider this my comment for the last three posts, please:
    I'm terribly sorry you had to say good bye to all of your friends, and that the new youth group isn't terribly welcoming (and at least two years your junior). I know the feeling in both cases. Not belonging is an awful feeling to have.
    I am so glad you've found a family you like (and yes, homeschool Mamas can talk!), and that you're close to your family.
    And hold on a moment: a male who appreciates Pride and Prejudice. I have to confess, I sat there for a moment to absorb that. The only male I know of who has a) confessed to reading it, and b) admitted that it is his favourite book is a 70 year old man who works at the Historical Society.
    So glad you're back, dear.

    1. Miss Elizabeth!! Thank you so much!!!

      Aww, yes, I'm sorry you are familiar with that feeling too. :/ It is awful.
      Yes!! Thank you!
      I KNOW isn't that amazing?! You should meet him. Actually I think all my followers need to. To prove I'm not lying. :p
      Thank you so much!!! It's good to be back!!

  6. I am glad there is some happiness as a consequence of this move! I wish you would move somewhere near where I live!! I would love to be real-life friends!!!
    WOW! That young gentleman sounds pretty fantastic! Are you sure you don't want him? XD Hahaha just kidding. (about the latter)
    Thanks for sharing, dearie!! I'm so happy to have you back!! *sends all the hugs*

    1. Yes!! That would be so amazing!! I get the feeling I'd love you in real life just as well as I already do--well, maybe not. Maybe MORE. :D

      Hahaha, he does, doesn't he? :D

      Thank you so much, my dear!!! *doubles and sends back hugs*

    2. I'm sure I would love YOU even more in real life! T'will definitely happen someday.

      Of course, darling.
      If you ever want to talk or need anything I can give you, don't ever hesitate you ask me! I can give you my email if you want, or even my address and we could be pen pals!
      Or neither, whatever you want! Just let me know.
      And as I can't compete with all those hugs, I'll just leave it at that XD

    3. It must happen someday, yes. Please feel free to email me, my dear! My email is (it's on my sidebar, too). :D

    4. Wonderful!! I'll be sure to stay in touch, even if I don't get the chance to comment on your blog.

  7. Rae I'm so sorry things have been rough for you.<3 You're in my prayers dear and stay strong. I've missed you!!:)

    ~Rilla Blythe

    1. Aww, thank you so much, Rilla. For the sympathy, the prayers, and the encouragement!! I've missed you, too!!! <3

  8. It's so hard being the new girl. We have been attending our church for about a year and while making friendships and talking to the kids my age has become much easier, it's still hard sometimes.

    How cool to live so close to your best friend! That's definitely a plus!! :D

    WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE LIKES PRIDE AND PREJUDICE!!! Oh Rae are you absolutely certain that you don't want him? Those type of men are almost extinct. The part about your aunt arranging your marriage to this young man made me laugh XD I know two brothers who both like P&P and their dad is trying to get me to marry one of them also XD XD!

    OMW THE HOME SCHOOL MOM THING!!! MY MOM DOES THAT ALLLL THE TIME!!! It made me laugh that you notice the same thing XD. It's one of the home schooling universals! ;)

    I'm so glad that you found something to love in your new home!! And so happy to have you back!! :D

    1. Yeah, that is hard. :/

      Yes for sure!!

      ISN'T THAT AMAZING?!?! Hahaha. Yes, my aunt isn't even one of those "old" aunts, she's only a few years older than myself. :D And hahaha that's too funny!!! You must do what you can to "secure" one of them, then. :D

      YES it is a Homeschool Mom thing!!! You get it too! It seems we homeschoolers all understand each other on that point, definitely universal. :D

      Thank you so much, dear!!!!

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    1. (This was simply a duplicate comment error, nothing wrong with the comment. :)


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