Monday, March 13, 2017

"I'm so thankful for friendship. It beautifies life so much."

Hello dear readers! I am here with my best friend who is here to visit, as aforementioned in my last post

We have had a lovely week together, and we have done several fun things. Here are a few. :)

-We stopped for ice cream at the cafe at the end of our road on the way home from early-morning Bible study. 

-We visited a little historic library. She checked out some books the old-fashioned way, for the librarian still writes out the dates in the back of the books.

-We hiked to a waterfall, a 4-mile hike near our house.

-We attempted a 24-hour movie marathon, which lasted 12 hours, ending around 1 am after watching Pride and Prejudice (1995, of course), Emma (2009, of course), and part of Persuasion (1995), with a few breaks. 

It is perfectly lovely, we agree, to watch these movies with someone who knows them as well as you do, for we both quoted several lines from each, and being kindred spirits, we laughed and sighed, etc., at all the right places.

We finished watching Persuasion the next day. We also watched Anne of Avonlea (BBC 1975), which has some terrible casting and some 70's hair and acting, but it does a good job of keeping to the storyline, which is of course a good thing.

-We ate lunch at a perfectly adorable little cafe, which had delicious food, and a bakery, from which it took us forever to choose things. 

-She came to the school with me, which is in fact where we are now. 

She leaves tomorrow, which shall be a sad thing indeed. But we have thoroughly enjoyed our time together. Indeed, "I'm so thankful for friendship. It beautifies life so much."

Friday, February 24, 2017

New Header + Small update on my boring life

Sigh. Dear readers, I currently have twelve tabs of blog posts I need to comment on, and it's stressing me out, because I just barely glanced at the time and realized I have to go to class in 10 minutes. 
And that's maybe half of the posts in my reading list, because I simply don't have time for all of you lovely people's posts. 
Anyway, I did finally get around to changing my Christmas look out for a look that will probably do just fine for both winter and spring, which is nice, because it's practically spring here in my corner of the world anyway, unusual though it is.

There, I have now successfully rambled for that long. Sigh. 

Where was I going with this post? I don't know.

Here I am back, a couple hours later, to try to make sense of anything and to actually comment on all those 12 posts.
All right, lovely people, let's try for some organization some random bits of nonsense.

-Remember I said I was writing a musical? Well, it's no longer a musical but a play (guys, writing script is 10000x easier than writing songs, let me tell you). It's coming along...marvellously. It's Sleeping Beauty, and in addition to my playwright and director roles, I also play the part of the evil fairy.

-School Sigh. (Remember when I did that post on Algebra? Replace "Algebra" with Calculus...with some adjustments as it's a college lecture class, not Khan Academy).

-Spring break is the week after next, and my very best bosom friend and kindred spirit is coming to visit!!! For the first time ever (usually I visit her)!!!! (She lives across the country so we don't get to see each other often.) She's coming for a whole week!!!! It's going to be fabulous and we are likely going to write a blog post together, or document our 24-hour movie marathon on here, or both, or something.
I'm so excited!!!

-I read The Blue Castle again recently, and gaaahh, I love it so much.

-I was supposed to start working on schoolwork six minutes ago, but the fact is, none of the deadlines are soon enough for me to have much motivation. It's a rough place to be in, because I know I should do work, but I can't make myself focus, but I can't just enjoy being lazy because I should be working.
Did that make any sense? :)

-What do you do when you have a guy who's a really good friend but everyone thinks you either are, should be, or will be dating but you've even talked about it, for pity's sake, and agreed that it simply wouldn't do?

-Speaking of, I just took a break to give the poor lad mentioned above a bite during a short break from class he had.

-I need to go comment on all those posts now, so I can keep procrastinating schoolwork.

-Tell me something lovely and cheerful, please, all of you; I'm in need of some cheering up. (Of course, I'm about to get some with the posts I'm about to read...but here you can tell me little sunshiny tidbits.)

Monday, February 6, 2017

Sunshine Blogger Award

Miss March, one of my absolutely favourite bloggers ever, tagged me for this "Sunshine Blogger Award". Thank you, Miss March!!

1. What was the last book you read?

-North and South. I finished it a couple of weeks ago, and I'm sorry to say I haven't read any books since then. :( 
2. On a typical evening at home, what are you most often found doing -- reading a book, watching a movie, playing games with your siblings, twiddling your thumbs...what?
-Sigh. Pinterest. I find this quote to very accurately describe me scrolling through Pinterest:

3. You have the choice of being an only child or having twenty siblings.  Which do you choose?
-Oh, dearie me! I don't know! I have five siblings, and sometimes I wish I could just be by myself for a while, and sometimes I am glad I'm not an only child. Dearie me. I don't know. I know that's not a good answer, but I just can't say. 

4. Do you prefer bike riding or walking?
-Well, I would say I prefer riding a bike, but I walk more often. 

5.  If you had to create your own family made up of characters from literature (or film) who would you choose to have as your father?  As your mother?  Choose a brother and a sister, too, just for the fun of it.  :)
-Oh, wow. Hmmmm. That is a rather fun question, and very creative! I love it. 
Father: Gilbert Blythe. Okay, that might sound really weird. But I've read the later Anne books just as much as the earlier ones, and honestly, Gilbert is a great dad. He's a lot like my own dad, really, so I guess that's why I'd choose him. 
Mother: Continuing that, I would love to have Anne as a mother. Seriously, the way she's described as a mother in the later books is just so sweet and she is an absolutely ideal mother. 
Brother: I'd love Jingle Gordon as a brother. Also, I'm not sure if anyone knows who this is, but Jim Frayne, from Trixie Belden, would make an awesome brother.
Sister: Elizabeth Bennet. And Jane Bennet. Also Elinor Dashwood. 
(Sorry, did you say a brother and a sister? :)

6.  Did you ever receive money under your pillow after losing a tooth?
-Yes! And then eventually my parents kept forgetting so they said they fired the tooth fairy. However, I never believed in the tooth fairy anyway thanks to my older brother. :/

7.  What's your favorite color?
-My default answer to this has been purple for years, so we'll go with that. 

8. Would you rather wash dishes or iron clothes?
-Ummmm. Wash dishes?

9. What is your opinion on zoos?  Interesting or boring?
-I'm afraid I'm growing up, or something. I find them somewhat interesting, but, like, only if you keep moving on through without dawdling. :)

10. Growing up, did you have a favorite doll? What was her name?
-My best friend made me a doll for my 8th birthday (with the help of her mother). Her name was Sari (Kirsten from American Girl, anyone?) and my best friend had a similar doll that her mother had made her whose name was Sara. 

Thanks so much for the tag, Miss March! It gave me a good reason to make time for blogging. :)

(Also, yes, I still have my Christmas look up. Sigh. I'll get around to it eventually, okay? :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

So much for that...

Guys, I'm writing a musical and I don't have time for blogging. What happened to my lovely break?
A musical. Writing. A. Musical.

"Write a musical? Yeah, sure, Mom, no problem."

I'm writing it for our homeschool group to perform.
Why did I agree to this?

I mean, I've written several plays, and several song parodies, so how hard can a musical be?

Anyway. That's why I won't do as much blogging as I expected. Wish me luck.
(And can you tell how blastedly fried my brain is?)
(Also chocolate and Blimey Cow and Pinterest are my lifesavers.)

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Yes, dear readers, I have been long absent...again. 
I just returned from a 2 1/2 week Christmas vacation trip. 
So please excuse that I have not commented on all your lovely Christmas and New Year's posts, and please excuse me if I do not do so at all. 
It's been rather bad timing as far as all this goes, because I had finals week and then we left for our trip just a couple of busy days after that. 
Can you all please forgive me, and understand?
Thanks so much.
Also, I am in the process of reading a bunch of, twenty of them, so I will likely read your posts, just don't expect me to comment on most of them. :)
(Here's the thing, though: I have about 3 weeks of vacation left with nothing to do. So you can probably expect me to be back to blogging and commenting!)

Monday, December 12, 2016

A Very Merry Tag

Hello, lovely readers!
It's finals week.
Why am I writing a blog post?
It's finals week!!!
Actually, finals aren't too bad for me...only one is cumulative, I've finished one, one is going to be pretty okay, and the other is an English paper...easy. ;)

A Very Merry Tag

Does it snow where you live around Christmas? (If it doesn't, you have my sincere sympathy.) How much? Any special snowy Christmas stories?
-*Sigh* No. No snow for Christmas. I can remember once having snow for Christmas...several years ago. Hold on, Anne has a good quote about "green Christmases"...or maybe it was Pat, but I think it was Anne...(readers roll their eyes at Rae's always finding some way to tie L. M. Montgomery in as Rae tries to find the quote) *Rae returns, sighing some more* 
'Twas Phillipa Anne of the Island. I was close. Anyway, here is the quote:
"I was so afraid we’d have a green Christmas and I loathe them. You know, when Christmas is a dirty grayey-browney affair, looking as if it had been left over a hundred years ago and had been in soak ever since, it is called a GREEN Christmas! Don’t ask me why. As Lord Dundreary says, ‘there are thome thingth no fellow can underthtand.’"
Of course, Phil got her white Christmas...but I have had a "green Christmas" for the past several years.

Do you get a real tree or a fake tree?
-Fake...due largely to my mother. We did have a real tree one year though...

What is your favorite Christmas movie?
-Mr. Kreuger's Christmas...Anna and Cordy? ;)

Where in the world would you like to spend Christmas the most?
-Well...I GET MY WISH THIS YEAR! Probably. To be imprecise, with my best friend.

What fictional/literary character would you most like to spend Christmas with?
-I'm going to go with Emma and Mr. Knightley and Mr. John Knightley and Mr. Weston and Mrs. Weston...Umm...You know that Christmas in Emma when Isabella and John and their family come visit? Yeah.
(Pretty sure this scene is during that visit somewhere...Mr. Knightley has baby Emma...)

What is your favorite Christmas song?
-Favourite? I have to pick one? Ummm...I love O Come, O Come, Emmanuel.

What is your favorite Christmas book/story (besides, ya know, the story)?
-Abbbyyyyyyy...Your questions are too hard. ;) 
I adore the Christmas scenes in Little Women (the book). The first Christmas where they take their breakfast to the Hummels and Mr. Laurence gives them breakfast, and the Christmas where their father comes home. I love those.

Which do you prefer: multi-colored lights or white lights?
-I'll agree with all the other answers to this that I've seen...white.

What time period/decade would you most like to spend Christmas in?
-I'm pretty sure someone already said this, can't quite remember who...
Victorian or the 1950's. Christmas from those eras seems divine. Especially the dresses!!!

Which period drama has the best Christmas scene/episode?
-Ooooohhhhh....Hmmm...Well, I think I'll go with all of An Avonlea Christmas. (Haha, can I pick an entire movie? If not...) Especially the ending. Makes my cry...and I don't cry over movies.
(Yeah, so Kevin Sullivan made it all up and everything...but he didn't name it after a Montgomery book and yes, he stole the characters' names from The Story Girl and The Golden Road but I can manage not to think about it... :)

Well. I have successfully procrastinated editing my English final paper for a good 20 minutes (and that's just doing this...I've already texted my friend, browsed Pinterest, etc.)

Here's a lovely quote about what Christmas is all about:
Isn't that beautiful?

And OH, MY BLOGIVERSARY WAS THREE DAYS AGO AND I TOTALLY MISSED IT BECAUSE I THOUGHT IT WAS THE 14TH. SHAME ON ME. One Year Blogiversary post!!! I'm so disappointed in myself!!! I fully intended to do one!!!
Rae, Rae, Rae.
*Rae shakes her head and "tsk"s*

We shall see about doing a belated one...but it's not likely. I'll just tie it in here...:
(And I still haven't learned Naomi's valuable lesson about using too many capital letters...*shakes head again*)
It's been a wonderful year. I'm so glad to have met all of you, etc., etc.... :)

Well. A few more minutes of procrastination. 

Have a WONDERFUL Christmas/holiday season!!!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Guess Whose Birthday It Is?!!!!

Ladies (and gentlemen), LADIES (and gentleman), GUESS WHOSE BIRTHDAY IT IS?



Of course I have to wish this absolutely incredible authouress a happy would-be 142nd birthday. 
Of course.

Last year I had the brilliant idea to make a dinner like the one Anne made for Charlotte E. Morgan in Anne of Avonlea (which turned out dreadfully, in case you're wondering), but this year, a blog post will suffice because I've been at school all day. 

You're my absolute favourite authouress (and I spell things the way you do, which Blogger doesn't like), and your books are works of pure beauty. I adore them. And therefore you. 
Happy birthday.