Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Why does this always happen?/Shame on me/See you after a while hopefully!

Hey some of you might notice that I'm finally getting to your comments on my Amazing Grace review that I posted over 2 months ago!
I have almost no excuse for not blogging for the past couple of months. I do for, like, the first month or so I was absent but from there--it's just been busy??

(Here, will a Henry Tilney gif make up for it? No?)
(I just looked at the post 2 posts ago, which said basically the same thing as this one so far, and I used the same gif. Why am I not creative? Hahaha.)

Anyway, I know you're all hoping this post is to say I'm coming back and I'll be better about posting...
But it's not, it's to say I'm taking an indefinite official break.
You see, when I'm taking an unofficial break, I always feel a surge of guilt when I think about blogging and how much catch-up I must have to do and how much I've missed and not commented on and stuff...
And if I say I'll do better about posting and then...don't...then it'll just stress me out more. Hahaha.

So I'll come to the blogging world when I feel up to it, or when I have extra time (lol), but for now I'll remain absent, so sorry!

BUT! I do love you all and I'd like to stay in contact in some ways!

So please:
1. If you want to keep in contact PLEASE shoot me an email at raesdropofgoldensun@gmail.com!!! I'm not a super great correspondent but lately I've been much better at keeping up with email than I have been with blogging. I'd love to keep updated on things so let's correspond!

2. If you have Instagram, I'd love to keep in touch that way! You can follow @pride_prejudice_memes and shoot me a dm and I'll give you my personal @, or if you want to send me an email about it I can give you my personal Instagram that way! I post at least a couple times a month and of course there's dm-ing!

3. If you have Facebook, I'd love to be friends there if you'd like! Just shoot me an email and I'll give you my real, full name and a link to my profile. I don't post super often but I do check it!

I've loved blogging and I love reading your posts but it's just really low on my priorities list right now because it takes so much time where you have to sit down at a computer and do it! These other ways are somehow easier to keep up with.

By way of an explanation, I'll tell you a few things that have been going on in my life and will be going on in the next little while:
-Oh by the way I'm 18 now! My birthday was a couple months ago. :) Now y'all know how old I am.

-Within a month I did a homeschool conference, took a trip to Los Angeles, and went to a church camp. (That's what started my unofficial break and then I never got back into it.)

-Partly because I've been working; I have a photography business and I do part-time nanny-ing!

-I'm getting ready to move away to college this fall! It's about 3 hours away from where I live. I'll be majoring in Visual Communication. I'm super excited! But preparations for that have already begun and take up part of my time every day!

-Right now, we have 5 of my cousins staying with us (all 10 and under) for 2 and a half weeks. They keep us all busy! (Only a week left though! Is it bad that I'm counting down the days?)

-That's about it but somehow I always have things to do! Summertime is crazier as an adult than as a kid.

-Funny note: my younger brother who's 13 is a few inches taller than me. So when I turned 18 he said that while I'm an adult, I can't claim to be "grown-up" because I stayed short. Hahaha.

That's all! See you all later! I will try to pop in and respond to comments on here, and I'd love to stay in contact with you all in some way or another!

Have a lovely rest-of-the summer!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Amazing Grace (2006)

So, Miss March, that is William Wilberforce.
And that is Amazing Grace.
I. Just.

Oh. My. Goodness.

This movie is incredible. 
My family and I watched it a few days ago and we were all blown away.
Then I watched it again a couple days ago because, well, once just wasn't enough.

Now, I really must make this an organised review or it shall certainly be all over the place.

Let's start with The Story.

For those who haven't seen it, this movie is based on the true story of the journey of abolitionists in late-18th-century England to abolish the slave trade. It took years upon years of tireless effort and seemingly endless rejection. But these brave people, led by God, continued to work and fight to get rid of the abominable slave trade.

I was so impressed with how this movie handled the whole issue of slavery. It didn't sugarcoat it, or soften it; the horrors were exposed blatantly and bluntly--and I appreciated that. They really emphasized how horrific slavery is and therefore why it was so important to get rid of it.
I loved how the movie was centered on God. I loved how William Wilberforce chose to serve God in politics and dedicate his career to Him.
And, of course, they hymn, Amazing Grace? I honestly had no idea about all the story behind it. I've always loved that hymn and now it has a whole lot more meaning. What a meaningful history.
Seriously, if you've ever read a description of this movie that made it sound boring or anything like that, just watch the movie. It is far more than what it might appear to be on a back cover or short description. It's absolutely incredible.

Now, on to The Characters.

May as well start with the main character:

William Wilberforce
I am in awe of this man and what he did. The fact that he worked so hard and long for what he knew to be right is incredible and admirable. His strength and courage blew me away. He was such a good man.

And Barbara Spooner?
I. Love. Her. I love, love, love this character. Barbara is a strong, intelligent young woman. She wasn't just the "love interest" or the passive female lead. She was the reason Wilberforce didn't give up forever. She was a helper, a strength, to him when he needed it. She was able to equal Wilberforce in his ideas, intelligence, and spirit. She just can't get enough appreciation for the role she played in this story.

I think it is absolutely fitting and beautiful that in the end *spoiler* it finishes with him looking up at her. To me it's a look of both thanks, and a "we did it". Like he knew who deserved to be looked to in that moment of triumph. It was as much her triumph as his; even though he was in the spotlight, she was the one he turned to. *end spoiler haha*

William Pitt
(a.k.a Benedict Cumberbatch)
Watching this, I realized I don't believe I've ever actually seen Benedict Cumberbatch act in something. And I rather enjoyed it; I see why he's so famous.
But also, William Pitt!
I also love his spirit and his attitude when it came to doing the impossible.
I really enjoyed his character. I like seeing friendships between men that are like his and Wilberforce's.

The Abolitionists
That whole group of people that stood together and stood with William Wilberforce throughout all the years and rejections and hard work have all my respect and admiration. Especially that one lady--Hannah More--that was right there with all those men.

I'm not sure what else to say about it except go watch it (if you haven't). You will absolutely not regret it and you will most likely love it as much as I do.

Ladies and gentlemen, Amazing Grace.

Monday, April 23, 2018

What's New With You?

Hehe, well, look who went missing again? I really can't give any sort of explanation or excuse for my month-ish of absence. I don't know why I haven't been keeping up with blogging. But the fact stands, and now I find I've been remiss for over a month. Ish. 

And I missed the Little Women blog party!!!! I can't believe I missed that. I'm really disappointed in myself, and sad to have missed it, for I was really looking forward to it!!! How was it, all? I'm sure Abby and Molly did a splendid job hosting and it was a lot of fun! I'll try to go back and read some of your posts, but we shall see. I'm rather behind in reading posts.
(I think I will try to do the tag, though, even though it's late. It looks like fun!)

Being that I haven't posted in a while and so I'm sure very few of you have been onto my blog, but hey, go take a look over at my sidebar and see where it says "Go follow @pride_prejudice_memes on Instagram!"? If you have Instagram, go check it out. You won't regret it. If you don't, I think if you click this link (to the Instagram page) you can still view it.
Anyway, the point is, I have a Pride and Prejudice meme page on Instagram and you might just find it amusing. :D
Such as this one. This might be the fan favorite.
Some you might not find quite so amusing, but overall you might just like it. :)
(I got the idea from the popularity of my "Pride and Prejudice: My Face When" post. This is a step up from that with a lot of the same pictures. :)

So now! I want you all to tell me what I've missed. News, excellent posts (as some people sometimes feel they can't tell me about their own excellent posts because it feels like bragging (at least that would be me) I would love for you all to tell me about other people's excellent posts so I don't miss them, and also PLEASE tell me some of your own I need to read!!), and anything else I should go check out! I'll try and catch up on reading, but if you all help me out with what I absolutely MUST read, that would be awesome!

And how have you all been? How's life? How's school? Anyone feeling like Mr. Darcy here?:
I included the caption too because, well, it might be relatable too. :D
So! Give me all the friendly neighbourhood gossip, link me to your and others' must-read posts, and follow @pride_prejudice_memes on Instagram!

Hope you all are having a lovely spring!!!

Magnolia blossoms. Aren't they incredible? (Pictures by me :)

Friday, March 9, 2018

An Apology, Explanation, and Re-Take: Christian Girl Feminism

A few months ago, I wrote this post. It sparked some controversy (even more than when I said I didn't like the Anne movies!), and it got a lot of support, but I must say something about it:
I don't like it.
I didn't like it when I wrote it, and I like it less now, since I've been thinking about it for five months.

So let me try again.

First, I need to apologize for the post in general. Specifics will be thrown in along the way, but I am sorry I wrote it in such a manner.
Also, I apologize for, as one commenter (commentator? Hm) put it, "Christianizing" my ideas. This was not an inaccurate accusation. It's true. I know I "Christianized" my post, and I don't like the way it turned out.

I wrote this post out of frustration with the way things are in the world, and I "Christianized" it because I wanted it to fit in with my blog audience, because feminism is such a controversial topic. I was putting that mask over it so it would be more accepted.

It was all unnecessary and it sounds fake to me when I read it. As a good friend of mine who knows me well said, it was "cringey" (She's allowed to say that. It's okay. I agree.)

Before I go further, however, can I just give a huge THANK YOU to all those dear, lovely, supportive followers who "amen"ed and "LOVE"d this post?! You guys rock. Thanks for your support and love!

To continue, though, I also must give an equally big THANK YOU to those couple of people who pointed out the flaws of my post, even if I don't agree with everything they said, they helped me really think about what I really meant, and prepared me for this re-take. Thanks for helping me grow!

Re-take? Yes. Here we go. Here's what I was trying to say, plain and simple, without harsh words and Christianized sentiments.

It all comes down to worth. Our worth as daughters of God.
All those anecdotes I wrote out, all those passionate pleas I repeated, all those times I said "judge" and "judging" and "we need" and stuff--it could all be ignored. 
Out of the whole post, this is the bit that matters the most:
"We need feminism because no girl or woman deserves to feel worthless or inferior for following God's plan for her. We need feminism so girls are taught that their worth comes from being a daughter of God, a King, and not from anything else the world tries to tell them. We need feminism so that girls are taught to love their sisters because they all have the same worth she has. We need feminism so that we are united as sisters, instead of divided by differences."
My last post was all about "stop judging", to an audience of sweet girls who don't judge people, I'm sure. I don't want that to be my message.

What I want to say is, everyone is of equal worth to God. Every girl and woman has worth.

What I want to say is, that worth isn't affected by anything. All those examples I gave: marital status, personality, career and family choices, and so on and so forth--none of that affects how much you are worth.
What I want to say is, you are never worth less because of your situation in life or your choices, and you are never worthless because of them.

I want that to be my message, plain and simple. We are all beloved daughters (and sons if the case may be) of God, and we are all of infinite worth to Him. That's what matters. Life choices differ, situations aren't the same. But the "different" girl at church isn't worth less than that "perfect Christian woman" sitting across the chapel.

Feminism? I support it. Because to me, feminism is saying "I, as a woman, have worth". To me, feminism is saying "I will not accept less just because I'm a woman." To me, feminism is saying, "I will not let others make me feel inferior simply because I am a woman." To me, it is about empowerment and strength and worth.
I understand those who have different views on feminism, and as I mentioned in the other post, I don't support a lot of the connotations (pro-choice, immodesty, etc.) that come with feminism, but one thing I will always support:

We, as girls, ladies, and women, are of equal and infinite worth in the sight of our Father in Heaven.

Now go out there and live like it. You are incredible.

Together, as women who know our worth, we can change the world in small ways with big impact.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Lovely Blog Party: Molly and Roger

My appreciation post for Molly Gibson and Roger Hamley, part of Cordy's Lovely Blog Party! 

Molly and Roger Hamley, Wives and Daughters, are one of my all-time favorite couples. Here's why.

1. They started off as friends.
I adore this about them. They were such dear, sweet friends, and each of them mentioned that the other was like a brother/sister. Molly was dear to Roger's whole family, and she loved all of them. She was able to support them through both deaths, and they were able to support her as well, as those deaths affected her hugely too. Molly and Roger stayed close almost the whole time. They were friends to each other. They did what friends do. That's so important in a relationship, to be supportive best friend figures to each other.

2. It wasn't "love at first sight."
Look. I know a lot of people get frustrated with Roger for being a blind idiot for a long time. Me too. But.
This is kind of what I was talking about before, how they were good friends first. It just wouldn't work as a "love at first sight" relationship. (I mean, look at Mr. Cox. Just look at the poor fool.)
Molly's character is such that she has to build a foundation of trust and goodwill to really love someone. If Roger had liked her right off, say, like he did with Cynthia, I think that would have done nothing good for their relationship. More likely she'd have been taken aback by his bold attentions, and she'd avoid spending time at Hamley Hall because of the awkwardness, etc. 
But the way it happened, they became close through months of friendship and support and love, and from there Molly's sisterly love grew into true love for the man who meant so much to her.
As for Roger, well, it took seeing her in a fancy dress with her hair done all purdy to realize she wasn't just like a sister to him.
So like a man. But, the delay made it that much more meaningful, didn't it? Right? 
(I know, none of us would have minded if he woke up sooner. I agree.)
But still, once they did make it, they were such a perfect couple. They were so meant for each other. Which brings me to...

3. Their personalities and dispositions suit each other perfectly.
Molly needed someone who could understand her, and someone who could know what she needed. Take the lecture after he finds her crying, for example. Roger was kind and sympathetic, and then he also gave her a little lecture about what she could to to move forward, instead of crying. I've no doubt he continued to play the perfect supporting, caring, and guiding role for her.

Roger needed, well, Molly. A woman who could support and care for him. A woman who not only listened to his scientific talk but was interested in it and learned about it on her own to discuss with him. He needed a woman who could be a quiet influence on him for good. Someone who would understand him. And with all that, a woman who could love him truly and sincerely with her whole heart. (**coughcoughnotlikeCynthiacoughcough**)
(He also needed someone as perfectly sweet and darling and loving as Molly to forgive him for his nonsense.)

As a couple, they're clearly each other's partners, equals. They love and support each other perfectly.

4. They're intellectual equals.
I mentioned this before, but to go further...
Molly was interested in science, which was, I believe, somewhat unique for women of her age. Now part of it, perhaps, may have been that she was interested in Roger and therefore his interests, but truly, I believe she was genuinely fascinated by the things he told her, and really, who would read entire books on insects and things without some true interest? (There's a good long sentence for you.) Molly could understand what he was saying in those parts of his letters Cynthia dismissed as "nonsense". She could keep up with him, and considering the "man of science" he was, that's really quite impressive. 

And Roger, dear lad, I love watching in the movie how excited he gets about science, and how excited he is to see Molly's excitement about the same things. It's so cute.

Are they not just the most perfect, darling couple? If you haven't read or seen Wives and Daughters--well first of all WHY DID YOU READ THAT??? SPOILERS!!! There was a major spoiler in the title!!!--Oh but second of all go read it. Or watch it. 

What do y'all think of Molly and Roger? How forgiving are you towards Roger's foolishness? 

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Couples for Couples Tag

Happy Valentine's Day!!! 

If you haven't heard already, Cordy is hosting a month-long "Lovely Blog Party"!

As part of that, she made a "Couples for Couples" Tag. Here are my answers:

Ivanhoe and Rebecca: Name a couple that should have been together
-Mary Poppins and Bert. I defy anyone to disagree.

Jo and Laurie: Name a couple that should have stayed friends...or did stay friends...
-Jack Thornton and Rosemary LeVeaux

Image result for jack thornton and rosemary
Jane and Mr. Rochester: Name a couple that looked like the chances of a happily ever after were next to none!
-Pat Gardiner and Hilary "Jingle" Gordon, from the Pat books by L. M. Montgomery. My goodness, the last chapter never fails to make me cry.

Jane and Mr. Bingley: Name a couple that is just sooo happy!
-Amy Dorrit and Arthur Clennam, at the end of course.

Kit and Ella: Name your favorite fairytale couple
-Elise and Amiri, from the book I'm writing. Haha. Does that count? :p
If not...I might have to go with Anna and Kristoff. They are an ADORABLE couple. 

Molly Gibson and Roger Hamley: Name a couple where the woman is basically ignored by the suitor until the end of the story (frustration at it's finest!! :P :P)
-Fanny Price and Edmund Bertram. The end.

Sarah and Jacob Witting: Name a couple that found love later in life

-Anne Elliot and Captain Wentworth. I suppose they found each other earlier in life but they didn't manage to make it work until much later.
Image result for anne elliot and captain wentworth persuasion 1995

Don Lockwood and Kathy Seldon: Name a couple from a musical
-Adam and Milly from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
Image result for adam and milly seven brides for seven brothers
I mean, once Adam got over his major issues with how he thought of and treated women, they were a great couple. And of course Milly is amazing.

Anne and Gilbert: Name a couple that didn't start out on the right foot
-Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. No tag is complete without a P&P answer.

Faramir and Eowyn: Name a couple with the sweetest love story
-Polly Milton and Tom Shaw. Aaaaahhh. They are the sweeetessst. (An Old-Fashioned Girl. Go read it if you haven't.)

Happy Valentine's Day!!! May you all enjoy discount chocolate tomorrow, which we know is more of a holiday than today for a lot of us. :D

Pride and Prejudice inspired necklace

Monday, February 12, 2018

Another Period Drama Tag

Molly Rebekah tagged me in Elanor's tag, Another Period Drama Tag! Thank you so much, Molly!!!

1.  What was the most recent period drama you watched?  Share what you thought of it.
-Oh goodness, I haven't seen a period drama in a little while. I must soon. But the last I remember, I watched two at the end of December: The When Calls the Heart Christmas special, and The Man Who Invented Christmas.
The Man Who Invented Christmas completely blew me away a little more than WCTH, but the latter was still a charming, darling episode.

2.  Do you generally prefer period dramas in the form of a movie or a TV series/mini-series?  Why?
-Generally, a TV series/mini-series. They're longer and generally therefore more accurate to the original book. Besides, the more the better! A 5-hour version is nearly always preferable to a 2-hour version. :D

3.  What is your favorite musical period drama?
-I love The Sound of Music of course (see: blog name, page titles). Also Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (which I would say counts, Cordy :), Mary Poppins, R&H Cinderella...I love musicals and a lot of them are set in period drama eras. :D

4.  Read the book first or watch the movie first?
-Generally, read the book. There are exceptions I've made, but most of the time I prefer to read the book first. 

5.  What is a valuable life lesson you learned from a period drama?
-Oh, there's so many. I think I'll go with "He would not be quite so handsome if he were not so rich" from Pride and Prejudice. I think it's important to realize how much economic status matters when choosing a husband and determining attractiveness.
That's right, Mr. Collins. You are not rich, therefore unattractive. You see? Does it make sense now?

6.  Which period drama hero would you be likely to fall in love with in real life?
-Roger Hamley. 
Yes, yes, he's an extremely frustrating little thang with all the silliness but ROGER HAMLEY. Seriously. He is, himself, the exact type of man I would fall in love with in real life. No, not because I'm likely to fall in love with someone who won't love me back for a while. I'm talking he, himself, the person, the personality, the interests. Etc. He's perfect.
Seriously, he's so sweet and perfect and--I'll do another post about him and Molly later and elaborate.

7.  Do you ever like to binge-watch a period drama series?

8.  What things go best with watching a period drama?
-A good friend who agrees with and adds to your commentary.

9.  Which period drama do you think you would fit into best?
-I think I'd do okay in Pride and Prejudice, actually. I could be your Elizabeth Bennet or Fanny Price or Elinor Dashwood...wait a second...

10. If you could have any period drama character for a best friend, who would it be?  And why?
-My real life best friend is a Jane Bennet, with some Elizabeth Bennet and Molly Gibson in her. So there's my answer. :)

11. Show us a picture of a period drama costume you wish you could wear in real life.
-I love Victorian styles, also the dresses in Cranford. I can't really think of period dramas with the costume styles I love most that I've seen, so here's some of the darling ladies of Cranford.
12. Are there any period dramas you like to watch during a particular season or holiday?
-Not really, no. Just all of them, all the time. :D

13. Which period drama has your favorite soundtrack?
-North and South has glorious music, also "Collins Canon" from the P&P soundtrack. His theme song has bassoon in it, which I think is perfect.

14. Dream cast your favorite actor and actress in a period drama of your choosing; tell which parts they would play and why.
-I've been wracking my brain for days trying and failing to come up with a good answer. My favorite actress and actor are Emma Watson and Tom Hiddleston--what do you think? Who would you cast them as?

15. Are there any period dramas you like more than one version of?
-Sense and Sensibility 1995 and 2008.

16. What are the top three period dramas that you haven't seen on your to-watch list?
The Greatest Showman,
Fiddler on the Roof,

17. Show a picture of your favorite period drama hairstyle.
I love Emma's hairstyle in my header.

18. What was your favorite wedding in a period drama?
One of my favorites. :)

19. What is your favorite biographical period drama?
-Not sure if it quite counts, but The Man Who Invented Christmas.

20. Which historical novel will you forever recommend to anyone and everyone?
-Oh there are so many good ones! I guess Pride and Prejudice I would recommend to anyone and everyone.

This was such a fun tag!!!