Monday, June 12, 2017

This is the Last Straw

(Rebecca Dew anyone?)
Y'all, this is IT. I haven't made a real post in months, I hardly ever comment on your blogs anymore, and all I ever post is "sorry I haven't posted and I probably won't do any better!" So I really should have done much sooner what I'm about to do now. 
Reasons, well. One, I'm doing an English class over the summer that I don't really have time for, which says quite a bit, seeing as it's only one class. Two, I've got camp and then a 2-week trip. Three, I'M MOVING AT THE END OF JULY. 2,000 miles away. Sooooo...It's insanely busy trying to get our house ready to sell, and the 2-week trip is out to where we're moving to. We're going to try to find a house and also send my brother off for a 2-year church mission to Thailand. 
All that being said, I'm taking an official indefinite blogging break. I know I've practically been gone for a while anyway, but here it's official. And yes, it's definitely indefinite. I'm hoping once we get settled in the new house I'll have more time because I'm not doing any school this fall semester, but...y'know. We'll see. I'm also going to try to get a job. 
So, my dearies, farewell for now. Or in the words of dear Mr. Wickham, "Let us not say farewell, but as the French have it, audieu." 
I shall be back, my lovelies! Meanwhile y'all should go read these posts. Just 'cause. There was a time when I made real posts.