These are a Few of My Favourite Blogs

These are some blogs that I love to read!
They are in no particular order; I love them all!

I absolutely adore this blog and its authour, Miss March! It's a very bright corner of the blog-o-sphere, as the name implies!

This blog is perfectly lovely, and Naomi is a kindred spirit because she loves L. M. Montgomery (and Jane Austen) too!

I love this blog and its girl! Abby is pretty much the 19th-20th century fashion expert! I love her posts!

I couldn't write a list of favourite blogs without including this one! It is an absolutely lovely blog, with a lovey authour. I love reading it. 

This girl has a lovely place! She is a fellow Jane Austen fan and kindred spirit.

This blog is perfectly lovely! I love it when Molly Rebekah posts.

Miss Evie is a dear, and her blog is simply lovely in every way--Looks, content, etc.!

Esther is simply amazing and darling, and so is her blog!

She loves P&P '95 like I do and she is such a kindred spirit in so many ways.

This girl is an amazing artist! I love her blog! (She loves Jane Austen and L. M. Montgomery too. :) She's definitely a kindred spirit!

AWESOME blog, with tons of info and materials about the best movie ever! (Like, did you know they have a screencap for pretty much any part of the movie?)

I am terribly sorry if I've forgotten someone who ought to be on here...if you want me to put your blog on this list, let me know! (Be warned: if it is not the kind of blog I'm very interested in, or if it has any inappropriate content, I will not put it on this list. Except for maybe an exception or two to the first condition, so no harm in asking!)

Also, if you have a blog button that I did not put with your blog link, let me know! I looked on the blogs for each of these, but didn't see maybe link to it as well? Also, if you get a blog button in the future, then let me know!


  1. Aww, thank you for putting me on this page!!!!

  2. First, the title for this page is awesome. I love how you have this Sound of Music theme running through your blog. It's so cool. :)

    And aww. Thanks for your kind words about my blog, and for including me on your page. You're so sweet. :)

    1. Thank you. :)

      Of course! Your blog is marvellous. :)

  3. Thank you so much for adding me! You're awesome too!!!
    Also, I LOVE the Christmas look!

  4. Those are all LOVELY blogs, Rae! I've secretly been reading your blog, well, since I met Esther (you know her, don't you? Darling, isn't she!)
    Well, I just thought I'd pop by to express what I've never said and just say that you have a BEAUTIFUL blog, you seem so sweet and amazing, and I can't wait to read more of your posts! (I should have followed long ago, but nae. I was a lazy old soul and just kept coming back.)

    Random, but have you watched Studio C? GAH I LOVE THEM. Sorry, random. XD

    (just realized that the last person who commented WAS E. XD )
    Allie Taylor / Hebrews 11:1 /

    1. Aw, you're so sweet, Allie!! And yes, I know Esther, and yes, she is SUCH a darling!! Thank you so much for your kind words.

      And yes, I have! Haha.

      Welcome to the blog, Allie!


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