Friday, September 22, 2017

Ask Me Anything Answers

Allllll righty, folks.

Elanor asks:

What is on the top of your bucket list right now?
-I would love to visit Prince Edward Island.

How do you relax in your free time?
 -Hm, now that I have some free time, what am I doing with it? Instagram, practicing the piano, sewing, Pinterest. Blogging. :D

Where would you most love to go on vacation?
-Right now I really want to go back and visit where I just moved from for my next vacation. Besides that, let's see...England, and also see my answer to the first question. :)

What kind of music do you like? (Favorite song currently?)
 -When I listen to music, it's classical music, showtunes, and religious songs. Currently...I have no idea what my favourite song is right now. I've been singing "He is Tall" from Broadway Cinderella a lot. :D

Are you currently writing a story/novel? If so, what's it about?
 -Haha. Ha. 
I've been writing the same novel for about six years. I need to finish it up so I can start over, because there is a noticeable qualitative difference as the story goes on. I've edited it all a lot throughout, but it definitely needs completely rewritten. What's it about? Um, maybe later? Haha. 

What are a few of your favorite TV shows?
-So, my family hasn't had a TV since forever. So the TV shows I've seen are limited to ones I've watched online or from the library. Pretty much the only TV show I've even seen is Lark Rise to Candleford, so let's go with just that. 

Favorite non-Austen or L. M. Montgomery movie?
-Oooh, man, this is harder than I thought it would be. Very wise to put that stipulation, or else I'd just say "P&P'95" and you'd all just roll your eyes and say "duh". 
Dearie me.

Perhaps Wives and Daughters? I really do love that movie a lot. I'll go with that. 

Favorite non-Austen or L. M. Montgomery book?
-Are you SERIOUS? My dear!!! What on earth did you mean by making this so difficult?!
Hahaha, shall I make you wish you'd included Gaskell in the exclusions by saying North and South? No, I don't think I shall, for I've thought of one.
This isn't my favourite cover, but there's a sad lack of pictures of this book online.
An Old-Fashioned Girl by Louisa May Alcott. I LOVE that book. 

Favorite non-Austen or L. M. Montgomery hero?
-Roger Hamley. At least I'm pretty sure. Hmm.

Yeahhhh we'll go with that.


Favorite non-Austen or L. M. Montgomery heroine?
-Hmm. Hmmm. Hmmmmmmmmm. 
My dear! 
Every heroine I'm coming up with is from Jane Austen or L. M. Montgomery HELP. 
There's Elizabeth Gaskell's heroines, but...ehhh. 
Oh! Yes! Of course!
Jo March, y'all. 
*Whispers* I didn't like the movie

(She believes she knows the answers to the excluded authours, isn't that a preposterous suggestion for my blog? How could anyone know my opinions of Jane Austen and L. M. Montgomery? Shocking.)

Least favorite book?
-All right, so if I don't think I'll like a book I simply don't read it. Therefore I haven't read the book that would most likely be my least favourite. Like, if I don't like a book I don't read it. So I like pretty much all the books I've read. Does that make sense? Let me think, though, there has to be at least one...Okay, when I was, like, 10 I read Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the Great Illustrated Classics version, and the pictures scared me so bad I couldn't sleep. I hated that book. 
There, that's as good as it's going to get. 

Least favorite movie?
-How about, Pride and Prejudice 2005. 

What is the last movie you saw in a theater?
-Oh boy, it's been forever...I think it was Big Hero 6. Haha.

What was the last book you read?
-I'm pretty sure I can answer this. Ummm...I think it was The Frog Princess by E. D. Baker. Hehe. Okay, I'm still getting back into reading habits, okay? I know. It's dreadful. I won't even tell you how long ago I read that.

Name something you learned today.
-Okay. I learned a life-changing thing today. I discovered the greatest thing that has ever been made and it's called Silly Songs With Larry
(Oh, come on, hear me out.)
My mom never really let us watch Veggie Tales, for whatever reasons (irreverent telling of Bible stories and such reasons), whatever. Okay. I never really cared and since I've grown up I hadn't decided to look it up or anything. So. I decided to look up the VeggieTales theme song after seeing this meme:
Because I was pretty sure that sounded like it probably was the beginning of a VeggieTales song, and I was right. BUT it continues. The next suggested song on YouTube was "Where is My Hairbrush" and I'd heard a lot about that one, who hasn't, so I watched it and--
GUYS. Don't make fun of me but I was like, that was the greatest thing I have ever seen. Well, after staring open-mouthed in shock thinking what on earth did I just watch. (Those of you who grew up with VeggieTales, please remember this was, like, my first exposure. Okay?)
So. To wrap up this long story, Belly Button is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. I was crying laughing when I watched it the first time, and then I showed it to my dad and laughed almost as hard, and then my sister, and I still found it hysterical.
Stop making fun of me.
Just--Just watch this. I'm sorry if you don't laugh or find it amusing. It's gold. 

(That answer wasn't too long, was it? And stop making fun of me.)
Moving on.

Favorite actor?
-Oooh, let me think. Jonathan Crombie maybe? If dead actors count.

Favorite actress?

-Emma Thompson and Emma Watson. I'm picking two.

Miss Elizabeth Bennet asks:
Gilbert Blythe vs. Mr. Darcy?
-Okay, since you didn't say "or", you said "vs." I'll give a comparison, how's that? :D
Gilbert Blythe is definitely more of the fun, will-tease-you type. He has an active sense of humour and he and Anne were good friends before they got engaged. 

Mr. Darcy is more of the proud, stand-offish type and he almost got offended when Elizabeth teased him. I believe he and Elizabeth became the best of friends, but it certainly didn't start that way.
They both offended their ladies straightaway, resulting in being hated by said ladies for a good deal of time. 
They both loved their ladies very truly and dearly and both endeavored earnestly to deserve them. Like I said in these two blog posts. Gilbert   *   Mr. Darcy

There, if you meant for me to choose between them I have evaded your question nicely, have I not?

MBTI Personality type?
-INFJ and most decidedly so. I relate strongly to nearly everything I've seen that is about that personality.

Favourite kind of tea?
-I don't drink tea.

How did you come into the blogosphere?
-I don't remember the particulars...Well, maybe I do. Let me think. I'd been wanting to start a blog for a little while, and then one day I asked my sister for the millionth time if I should and she said yes that time, so I started my blog. But it took a while for me to get into the blogging community I'm part of now...and I don't really remember how all that happened. I think it began with the Pride and Prejudice 1995 Forever Club, and from there Amy's and Melody's blogs, and from there Naomi, and Miss March, and all sorts of other lovely people. Including you. :)

Weird one: If you were to come across Mr. Darcy, sopping wet on the grounds at Pemberley, how would you react?

-Not "I'm having a strange sort of post-modern moment here" or something like that (what I wrote really doesn't make sense, does it), whatever the Lost in Austen quote is. I haven't seen it, I've just seen that shot with that quote. Anyway, whatever it is, probably not that. Probably something more like, "That wasn't in the book!" 

Miss Woodhouse Asks:
What's you biggest pet peeve?
 -Let me demonstrate:

So, if any of you are confused, I'm sorry. But those of you who understand, here, let's do a pop quiz: What is wrong with each of these three pics/why are they my pet peeve?

Are you still sure you don't want the Pride and Prejudice boy? Haha :P
-"The Pride and Prejudice boy" haha, I think he'd actually like that description. :D Well, I do want him, for a friend. He's quite the kind of person I could be friends with and goodness knows I need some of those here. I have seen him once since the last time I mentioned; their family came over for dinner. Afterward when we were all playing a game, he was quite constantly rude and insulting! Really, it was very shocking. Most people don't talk to me like that until they've known me for a few months at least. But no, teasing and insulting and making rude comments. Not to say I didn't return the insults...but still. Very shocking.
(Here, for you ladies who want him, here's an Instagram caption from one of his selfies.)

"I was asked to describe myself in two words, I answered... "Mr. Darcy" 🎩 Why? Because he's vain and prideful 😋 Not to mention handsome 😉😎"

 I rather like his sister, though. She's a kindred spirit. She came over yesterday and we just gabbed for three hours and didn't run out of anything to say. She and I have the same personality, and interests, and opinions (and she agrees about P&P and Fake P&P and all, too, like BESTIE). (I know, you didn't ask about her. But I like her better. :D) 

Put your iPod or phone or whatever you have your music on, on shuffle, and tell us the first four songs that play.
-Okay, so, like, I don't listen to music that much. Shhh, okay, y'all, before you get too shocked (like how most people react) I have an explanation. For one, I seem to have a pretty low noise level tolerance. Well, like, maybe it's not that low, but there's already so much noise that I reach that level a lot. And with music, there's nearly always music playing already. My sister listens to music so constantly that it honestly gets on my nerves a lot. And besides that, there's often someone playing the piano. So...I rarely listen to music on my own, because if there's a point where I'd be able to hear the music, I'd far prefer the quiet. 
Too-long explanation, no?
But here's what I'll do. I have a YouTube playlist of songs I really like...I'll put it on shuffle and give the results. :D
Lava (from Disney's "Lava")
It's Gonna Be Okay (Piano Guys cover)

Who is your alter-ego?
 -Well, my alter-ego is Rae. This. This is my alter ego.

If you could play any instrument really really well, (not including any you already play) what would it be?
 -You know, I'd love to be able to play the harp.

Are you a morning person or a night owl?
-Night owl. But I do get up at 5:30 every morning. 

Who is your current fictional crush? It could be a book character too (cause you know, even though they're in a book and you can't actually see them, some of those guys are just stinkin' adorable!! ;))
-Currently, Liam from the Wide-Awake Princess books by E. D. Baker. They're, well, probably a little  (a lot) below my reading level, but they're fun, easy reads. :D

If you could learn to speak any language, What would it be and why?
-I'd like to be able to speak German. I'm not really sure why. :D

Cordy Asks:

Describe your favorite outfit...
-I've got this one flowy black shirt, and with dark blue jeans and a pearl necklace it's really nice.

Do you have a favorite wedding dress style?
-Yeah, I really like these:

Blue skies, or rain?

Something you're looking forward to...
-Ummmmmm...Going off to college? I can't think of anything in the near future.

A skill you acquired this past year...
-Oh, um, let me think...

Describe your dream house...
-Comfortably large, but comfortably small. Cute, kind of rustic looking. I'd love flowers and trees around it, and a stream or creek nearby would be lovely.

What does your life look like in five years...
-Wouldn't I like to know! Let's see. Ideally, finishing up my bachelor's degree in graphic design, hopefully not married yet, haha. Definitely out of the house, and will have been for a while. 

A celebrity crush...
-Okay, I have no personal reason for this, but one of my best friends has a major celeb crush on Tom Holland and so I've been exposed to him enough that I gotta say he's pretty darn cute. And he has a cute voice and a cute frog in his mouth (anyone know what I'm talking about?). I don't like his swearing habit, but I've seen that but rarely. So...Tom Holland?

If you were to wake up blind tomorrow, what sight (as in location, not people), would you miss the most?
-Oh boy, good question. I would miss the sight of the sky early in the morning. The colours of sunrise, yes, but also the golden gleams through the clouds and through the blue sky after the sun has risen but is low in the sky. 

Like these pictures I've taken in the past year or so.

Best part of your summer...
-Probably settling in after all the craziness!

Favorite animal?
-Like, for a pet? I'd say a cat. We had two cats before we moved (we left them). I really want to get another kitten, but my mother is rather against the idea. 
(Aww, come on, Mom!!! They're so cute!!!)

Lia Asks:
What's your favorite piece of clothing you own?
-I think it might be this dress here.

What would your perfect room look like?

What fictional place would you most like to go?
-Avonlea Village

What would be the most amazing adventure to go on?
-Oh boy, I don't know. I'd love to tour Europe. Especially England.

What songs have you completely memorized?
-Wait, you want a comprehensive list? And for which instrument, or voice? Or what? This is too hard. :D I'll do my best. Singing: lots of hymns, several Disney songs, almost every song from Broadway's Cinderella, several showtunes. Flute: Ummm, I used to have several classical pieces memorized. Piano: several hymns, a couple classical pieces. 
There, I did my best.

What are some small things that make your day better?
-Comments from all of you! Hearing from a friend back home (most of the time). Reading a good book. Eating chocolate. Making cookies. Singing. 

What's the most interesting place you've been?
-Oh, that's a fun question. Fun fact: I've been to 39 out of the 50 states. The most interesting place? Wow. Okay so I'm not a huge fan of museums and monuments and the like. They bore me. So probably not any of those... Okay, I'll throw out a few cool places I've been.
The St. Louis Arch (and the Mississippi River, which is horribly smelly but actually pretty amazing to look at).
Historic Williamsburg
Arches National Park

What movie title best describes your life?
-Oh that's a fun one! But haaaaard. (No, I'm not whining. What a preposterous proposition.) Okay, but seriously! It's hard! If it were books I'd say "An Old-Fashioned Girl". But that's not a movie. And there may be a movie title that describes my life, but I may not have seen the movie. 
I think I'll go with "The Sound of Music" because I've grown up surrounded by music and as explained above, it's around me constantly.

Rachel Asks:
How's your life so far?
-My goodness what a question!! My life so far, I would have to say is pretty good. Not quite what I expected, but then I don't know what I expected. Probably not as perfect as it could have been, but definitely not bad at all for the most part!

What's your favorite period drama movie?
-Anyone want to answer this for me?

Have you ever seen Poldark? Do you want to see it someday?
-No, I haven't! And I don't know! Okay, y'all--Poldark opinions please!

If you were casted in Anne of Green Gables, who would you love to play?
-I would actually love to play Mrs. Rachel Lynde. She's a riot.

Which Jane Austen movie is your favorite?
You just can't beat a movie with me in it.
(I am fairly certain I have used this very picture to answer this very question before. H'm.)

Are there any places you really would want to visit?
-Prince Edward Island, Bath, London

What's your dream job?
-Ooh, well, I plan to become a graphic designer. My dream job--I don't know. I enjoy a lot of different things, and I'm not sure if any one of them would be my dream job. Oh, I know. Professional chocolate taster. I never tire of chocolate.

Favorite serie?
I may or may not squeal "shipshipship" during most of the scenes with Jack and Elizabeth.
I'm only mostly through season one, though, so no spoilers, y'all! Like don't you dare spoil it by telling me that Jack and Elizabeth will end up together. Just don't dare.


Who's your favorite actress?
-Wait, did I already answer this one? I think so...Yeah. Emma Thompson and Emma Watson, in case you've forgotten. :D

Are you more like Jane Bennet or Elizabeth Bennet?
-Elizabeth Bennet for sure. I'm not nearly so nice as Jane.

Would you rather have magic or drawing skills?
-Ooh, what kind of magic? I think I'd go with magic...My drawing skills are sadly lacking, but magic--that's too cool to pass up, right?

Who is your least favorite actress?
-Oh, that's tough. I don't know. Can I just say I don't know? That's allowed, right? This is my post, right? Ummmm yeah... (Sorry. :((( )

What's your favourite thing to do on a lazy day?
-Favourite? As in, not what I actually end up doing, which is look at Pinterest and Instagram? Let's, probably. And watch period dramas and also that includes When Calls The Heart.

That's all the questions! Whew! Thank you all so much for the amazing questions!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Ask Me Anything Answers--Esther's Questions

Darling Esther asked me so many questions I decided to do a separate post for hers alone, because I believe it is close to equalling everyone else's put together! Hope y'all don't mind. :D

Esther asks:

How many siblings do you have?

What is the best (as in prettiest, or whatever) name you've ever heard?
-Oooh, let's see. I've always loved the name Peter for a guy. That's pretty much the only "favourite name" I've had. I also think the name Esther is very pretty. 😉

Why are you so awesome?
No seriously. How did this come to pass? Is this like an inherited thing or can anyone do it?
-What a fine bit of nonsense coming from you! 
That's it. That's my answer.
Did you really think I could make it through a Q&A post without using this picture? Well, it probably didn't occur to you. But this is quite possibly my most oft-used P&P face pic in question-answering posts.
Advice for someone who feels like even amongst friends they are alone?

-I wrote up a long answer for this, and decided it was so long I'd make it into its own blog post. So here's that.

Favourite song at this moment?
-Battle Hymn of the Republic (it's a fun one on the piano, y'all).

Least favourite song at this moment?
-Oh, now that's interesting. Hold on, I do have an answer for this. There's this one song that my siblings (or sometimes myself, sadly) will start singing and I'll get annoyed with know what, I think it's Let It Go. I think it's always Let It Go that's the annoying song at our house. Now, I don't really have anything against the song itself, or the words, it's just that it is far too catchy and annoying at this point.
(To anyone for whom this triggered it getting stuck in your head, I apologize.)

If you only had 3 days left to live, what would be the most important things for you to accomplish?
-Question for you: did you expect a serious answer? I don't feel like taking this one seriously. :p
I would eat all of my very favourite things because I wouldn't have to be worried about the long-term effects on my health. Lots of chocolate.
I'd declare my undying love to the man of my drea--what? What did you say? Oh, he doesn't exist? Dangit. Well.

If you could steal (okay fine HAVE) any fictional character's wardrobe, whose would it be?
-Oh boy. You know what, I think it would be Emily Star's. Yep. Edwardian, and there are some simply divine descriptions of her clothes in the Emily books. (L. M. Montgomery, to those who don't know. What a shock, I know.)

Forest, ocean or mountains which is the best?
-What about forest and mountains? Though if I have to choose, I'll go with forest. I love trees too much.

Favourite piece of jewelry (if you have any)
-Probably these:

Describe your bedroom (hehe a demand, I know, but just pretend it's in question format)
-Oh, you want pics? I took some when I was decorating it, being a new room and all.

(The book is "What Would Jane Do? A book that disappointingly includes movie quotes and attributes them to Jane Austen, a pet peeve of mine. :/)
(I think they're a little blurry. :/)

Favourite type of tea? (if you drink tea)
-Nope, I don't!

What do you put in your tea (again, if you do drink it), milk, sugar, etc.
-See above :D

Favourite instrument
-I play the flute and the piano, but my favourite to listen to might be the harp. 

Best instrumental music you ever heard
-Ooooh...That's hard. I love a lot of instrumental music. I might have to go with "The Firebird" by Stravinsky...not sure if that's the kind of answer you were going for, but there it is.

Favourite movie soundtrack
-'Kay, this is, like, realllly weird, but it's the old animated "The Hobbit". The sound track is. Ah. May. Zing.

Favourite candle scent
-Ohhh, hmm...I've not thought about it. Probably the vanilla-brown-sugar-y type.

Which is better- straight or curly hair?
-Dependdsss...I like my hair better straight, it's so much easier to manage and it doesn't tangle nearly so bad. 

Favourite hair color?

What was your first word?
-Mom says it was "thank you". Didn't know that before, huh.

If you had to read one book for the rest of your life (besides the Bible) what would it be?
-Aaaah, what??? Okay, Pride and Prejudice. Because it's been proven by my best friend that one can read it, like, 15 times in 2 months and not get tired of it. And then read it two more times a month later. Yep.
(Photo cred: me)
Do you know of any songs about siblings?
-There's song that I've heard a couple of times...Hey Brother, by Avicii.

Name a song you want played at your wedding
-Ooh, I don't know... Maybe Can't Help Falling In Love With You by Elvis

Name a song you want played at your funeral
-Whoa, okay. Um...Lead, Kindly Light?

Pick a song you wish someone would do a cover of. (who totally won't be me, why would you ever think that??)
-Hmm, a song I want you to do a cover of? I'd love to hear something from the Broadway Cinderella musical.

When is your birthday?
-End of May

Favourite constellation?
-What? Hadn't thought about that either. How about the Little Dipper.

Are you an early bird or a night owl?
-Night owl

Name a book you thought would be terrible but was actually good
-I don't read books that I think will be terrible. :D

Name a book you thought would be good and was terrible
-Hmmmm I really can't think of any.

What is a song that always makes you happy?
-El Grillo, by Josquin. :D

What is a song that can make you cry/be really sad?
-Oh, boy. A lot of the songs from Les Mis.

What is the worst song you have ever heard?
-Ugh, there are a lot of awful songs. Lots of pop songs and (how many people would I offend if I said I really don't like country music? Sorry).

Who is your favourite youtuber?
-Jordan Taylor/Blimey Cow

What is the latest title for a song/story/essay/whatever that you made up?
-The last thing I wrote...I think it was an essay. I took an English Comp class this summer. Let me look. Okay, the "Saved As" title on Microsoft Word is "Final Exam (!!!)" but the title is "From Passive Agreement to Active Obligation". I'm really bad at coming up with titles; I really don't like it.

What is the last book that made you laugh out loud?
-It was one of the "Wide-Awake Princess" books by E. D. Baker. They're fun, easy reads. :D

When you are old, what memory do you want to be the one you tell your grandkids over and over? (example: I want mine to be when I get engaged [if/when that ever happens])
-Oh boy, I don't know. I like your example. That could very well be it.

What fictional character do you think you would be best friends with in real life?
-Okay, the first people that came to mind, I really don't think I'd be best friends with. Like, not Elizabeth Bennet or Anne Shirley. Not Margaret Hale. Not Amy Dorrit. Like, none of them are quite the kind of person I, personally, would be best friends with. I adore them all, but y'know.
Okay, y'know, I think I could actually get on quite well with Molly Gibson.
She needs a good best friend, anyway.

Whew! There we go! Thanks for all the questions, Esther!

The rest of y'all's question answers are coming soon! If you haven't and want to, you can ask questions here.

Alone Amongst Friends

Esther asked me this question in my "Ask Me Anything", and my answer was so long that I decided to make it its own blog post.

This is for everyone, though.

Advice to those who feel alone, even amongst friends:

I am oh, so familiar with this situation. So, a little bit of background. In the church group I was part of for the last 9 years before I moved, this was a constant thing for a while. When I first moved there, it was all fine and fabulous; I was thrilled to have girls my age where in the last group there were only boys. There were several of us that were all pretty good friends, and I felt like I fit in. Then we got older, and at a certain age the girls would move up to the next group. I was very close to the youngest, so that was the beginning of the problem. I was behind in the younger group, and the other girls were all super close, in the older group. I naively thought that once I joined them it would all be well again, and we'd all be the jolly bunch we were before. Naturally, I was wrong.

You see, I was different. I always had been, and it was becoming clearer. Not all the differences were good, but some were.

One particular difference was that each other girl, at an unnecessarily young age I might add, had themselves a "boyfriend". Me, I've never had one of those things and I don't want one just yet, thank you very much. But here another difference came to view, too. I was pretty darn tactless. And pretty naive. (I may as well add here that I was the only homeschooled one of them all; take what you want from that. :D) I was, frankly, a little "goody-goody" and not very polite about telling the other girls they shouldn't have boyfriends. I don't really blame them too much for telling me "who cares" and "shut up", and I really am not surprised that I was pretty pointedly excluded from the group and definitely from conversations after that.

Of course, I felt dreadfully alone. And among those who were supposed to be my friends. 
Around this time, however, I made a couple of other friends with girls my age who shared my view of things in many ways, and we became very close. Since then I have made many good, uplifting, kindred spirit friends.

That isn't exactly the solution, though; not the whole solution. Though I do 100% recommend finding friends who really make you feel like you belong.

So, of course, part of not feeling alone, and feeling like you belong, is fitting in. And I think we all have a natural desire, at least a little bit, to fit in. Right? We want to belong. I don't know what your situation is, but in my situation at least, fitting in would require lowering my standards. In dating, as well as in things like clothing and music. I was faced with a choice: fit in, or keep my standards where I wanted them. It. Was. Hard. Until, over time, I realized something.

I don't want to fit in. 
Standing out is not a bad thing.

And once I realized that I realized that, things began to change. I realized that even though I didn't agree with the other girls' decisions, I could find other things to talk about with them, and still be friends with them, and such.

And you know what? Those girls, those same girls, are some of my very best friends in the entire world and I love them all with all my heart. I cried to move away from them. 

Now. I can't promise that this will happen for you. I certainly can't. And I don't know your situation. But to sum up my advice, I have two things:

One, find people with whom you feel you belong. People who make you feel loved. 

Two, know that it's okay to not fit in, and instead of focusing on fitting in focus on how you can be friends with and love people just the same. If that makes sense.

I wish you all the best, my dears. And if you're ever feeling particularly alone, feel free to email me. My email is over there on the sidebar. I love you all, darlings! My heart goes out to all of you who have been or are in this situation. Keep smiling.