Wednesday, June 1, 2016

"It isn't as if birthdays were common things, Marilla."

No, I did not make this cake. This wasn't even my real birthday cake. Thank you, Pinterest. 
Monday, dear readers, was my birthday. Now, I've tried not to disclose my age on the internet, though I'm not sure exactly what harm it would do, butconsented l a select few how old I am.

I am the age Rilla Blythe was when Ken kissed her for the first time.
I am the age Anne Shirley was when she started teaching school.
I am the age Marianne Dashwood was at the very beginning of Sense and Sensibility. 

Now here I am, never having been kissed (thank goodness!), not starting to teach school, and not the co-heroine of a Jane Austen novel. But I'm "pretty nearly perfectly happy" with where I am.

To celebrate my birthday, I slept in, had wonderful meals, and got spoiled by my family with more presents than I deserved.
I also got my own phone, finally. Most people have phones by the time they're my age, but I, being homeschooled, had before had no need for such a thing. But as I'm going to go to Community College this Fall, we decided this birthday was a good time to get a phone.
I also got my ears pierced, another thing most people have usually done by the time they're my old, old age. But my mom doesn't have hers pierced and my dad doesn't see the point, so I had to wait until they finally consented. But it's done now!
I figure this doesn't show too much of my beautiful face on the internet...
Another thing I intended to do on my birthday was watch Pride and Prejudice (1995, of course). But then I didn't have time so I decided to watch Sense and Sensibility (1995, because I've already seen 2008 twice and 1995 but once).

However, I only had time to watch about 50 minutes of it. In fact, I still haven't finished it...I've been busy.

It was a wonderful birthday!


  1. HAPPY (late) BIRTHDAY, RAE!!!

    What a cute and charming way to describe your age. I love it. :D

    I can't believe you didn't have your ears pierced. That's exciting! I will also say, I was older than you when I got a phone. I never really needed or wanted one. But I have one. ;)

    I hope you get to finish watching S&S soon!!

    1. Thank you, Cordy!!!
      I had wanted to get my ears pierced for a long, long time. But my parents were kind of strict about it, so I didn't get it done until yesterday!
      I wouldn't have gotten a phone if I weren't starting college in the Fall. I would otherwise have no need for one!
      I hope so, too!
      Thanks again, Cordy!

  2. Happy Happy birthday to youuuuuuuu! oh gosh sounds like you had a lovely time! :-D That's a good idea using literary references!

    1. Thank you so much, Miss Evie!

    2. Very clever! Well I suppose using some I guess I am Jo Marches age when she married the professor and I thiiink catherine morlands

  3. OHHHH HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! What a good way to tell people your age; cos only the fans will know. :-) (You're three days younger than my sister. Random fact.) It looks like you had a lovely day - Sense and Sensibility, duh.

    And you got a phone - how nice. (*whisper* I don't have one yet, so you're not that late. Haha. :-P)

    1. Thank you, Naomi!!! Yeah, I kind of figured people who are actually really interested in my blog would know how old I am, and random strangers wouldn't.
      I really wouldn't have gotten a phone if it weren't for the fact that I'm starting college classes. I think it's kind of a homeschool thing not to have a phone--you don't need one if you "don't go anywhere"! Also, I paid for half of it and my parents the other half.
      Thanks again, Naomi!


    Was that your actual birthday cake? That is so cool! A book cake. And is that a profile of Jane Austen? For some reason that's who it makes me think of. :)

    It sounds like you had a lovely day! I had to smile about the phone, though. I still don't own one and I haven't any plans for doing so anytime in the near future. But then I never went to college so I never really needed one. ;)

    That's so fun that you got your ears pierced! Did it hurt a lot? I know my ears throbbed rather badly for the first day or two.

    1. Thank you, Miss March!!!
      No, that wasn't my birthday cake. I just realised I didn't specify that (I edited it now). Sometimes I forget that people who read my blog don't actually know ME, and therefore don't automatically know about my love of baking and assume that I made my cake. For, you see, I make my cake every year and so I kind of forgot and assumed that other people would know it wasn't my real birthday cake if I didn't make it. :) But yes, that is Jane Austen on it. :)
      Haha, yeah, it seems to me like most people have a phone and I forget that there are actually people like me out there. :) I wouldn't have gotten a phone if I didn't pay for half of it myself and if I weren't taking college classes. :)
      It didn't hurt very bad; it hurt for a few seconds and then at random intervals for the rest of the day, and that's it. Fortunately!
      Thanks again, Miss March!

    2. Oh! Haha. Now I see. :) We always make our cakes, too. Do you like to decorate your cakes? We've tried that sometimes, but mostly we just do a sheet cake and put sprinkles and chocolate chips on top. :) Do you have a favorite kind of cake?

    3. Yes, I love cake decorating. I've done some lots of fun cakes for my siblings and others before. My favourite kind of cake is strawberry, which I've had for every single birthday in one form or another. :)

  5. HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY RAE!!! Oh my goodness I love the way you told us your age. Congrats on getting your ears pierced! It's so exciting. I got mine at 14 and had to wait three interminable months before I could take the studs out. How long do you have to wait?

    Sense and Sensibility 1995!! That's such a good choice. Romance, humor, quotable lines.:)

    ~Rilla Blythe

    1. Thanks so much, Rilla! I have to wait 6 weeks to get my studs out. Not as long. :)


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