Wednesday, December 6, 2017

A Calm, Organized, Real Post (No, I'm Serious)

Dear readers,

That last post was indeed a jumbled mess. I read back through it and I don't think my readers believed, after reading it, that I truly had just written 50,000 words of a novel. Or, at least, that it was organized and readable. As to the first, I may assure you, I did write 50,000 words (though I feel I must clarify--I had written some before November, so I only made it to about 43-44,000 in November itself). As to the latter, I may only assure you that a great deal of it was written late at night, and you may take from that what you will. Parts of it, I daresay, are not as clear as they should be.

Now, I shall attempt to write a clear, organized, "real" post (and succeed, of course. I've done so before, haven't I?...Haven't I?)  
Of course you have!
(I declare, this is probably my favourite reaction image of all, in case you haven't noticed already.)
First, I'll give you a little background to my novel. 

I began the original draft of this novel when I was eleven years old. As I recalled when telling the background to another dear friend, it actually began as telling a story aloud to my younger siblings in the car. I believe they even helped a great deal in forming the plot. 

My story began with a man and a woman who lived happily except for the fact that they had no children. Such begins a few tales, and such began mine. It proceeded with the wife falling ill, and requiring radishes, which could only be found in the garden of a Witch (in my first draft, Witch was always capitalised). The Witch, of course, caught the man stealing it, but then did something strange. She gave the man a barley seed, saying it would become a flower when planted, which his wife was to kiss and there would be a little girl, whom she would proceed to take away.

That doesn't make a great deal of sense, Rae's 11-year-old self.

I tell you all this because I completely and entirely changed the beginning in my second draft, which is the novel I just finished. 

But, as you probably guessed, that beginning was a combination of Rapunzel and Thumbelina, and it was the beginning of a novel idea which I have not given up on.

I continued writing that first draft over the last several years. The last I wrote of it was a little over a year ago, and I never actually finished it. I was almost to the end, I had about 43-44,000 words, but when I came around to the idea of writing again this year, there was so much I wanted to change that I wasn't sure it was worth writing an ending to the first draft when it was likely to change.

I began to rewrite my novel, with a completely different beginning.

And rewriting was something my poor book needed dreadfully. I referred back to my first version several times, and oh, my eyes hurt and my head ached. I believe I wrote a great deal of it around ages 13 and 14, which were not my best times in my writing experience.

And that, dear readers, is all I shall tell you of its content. Perhaps in time snippets shall be shared. Perhaps.

Anyway, now it's written, though I would not call it finished. It needs a great deal more work. 
I'm quite happy that I had the opportunity to do NaNoWriMo this year! It was just the thing to get my book on its way to completion.

There, see, I managed to keep it calm and organized, didn't? I'm amazed at myself, truly. 
Mr. Collins is *~taken aback~*
(At first when I wrote this, I forgot to put pictures in, and it didn't seem like a real post. Mr. Collins helped out quite a bit, no? :)

Also! Who wants to discuss Little Women with me in the comments? I'm rereading it for the first time in several years, and I'm a little ways into part 2. For a long time, after reading it 3-4 times when I was younger, I had a bitter grudge against dear Louisa May Alcott for not putting Jo and Laurie together and also for putting Laurie with Amy. When preparing to read it again, I realized perhaps now, being older, I'd change my mind. Now, I haven't gotten to the part where Laurie proposes yet, only to the part where Jo just went to New York, but I'm already excessively upset at the injustice between Amy and Jo and I already kinda adore the Jo and Laurie ship. I don't believe I'll change my mind. Anyway...discussion on the subject is welcome. Also ranting about how unfair it is that Amy got so much more than Jo when let's be honest, we all like Jo better (well, no offense to Amy admirers of course if you're out there).

Hope you all have a lovely week and a lovely Christmas season!


  1. I loved reading about your story! Reworking early writings is so much fun :)

    And yes, yes he did :)

    I honestly don't ship Jo with Laurie. I think that they are really just too similar. They go great as brother and sister, but not as husband and wife. Amy, on the other hand, can keep Laurie in line very well, and she treats him with a lot more respect than Jo ever did. That's my two cents anyway.


    1. Thank you! And yes, isn't it? Once you get past the cringy-ness at least. :D

      I definitely see that now. Where I was at in the book I was leaning one way, but the way it played out made a lot of sense. And yes, Amy definitely treats him with more respect! They do suit.

      Thanks for your comment!!

  2. Yay!!! Congrats, that story sounds awesome!!! My sisters and I love fairy tale retellings so when you get it published be sure to let me know!!!!!

    Oh, Little Women is great! I never used to like Amy and Laurie, but when I read it two years ago, I did, sort of.

    1. Haha, "when". Thank you!!!

      Yeah, I'm not quite settled about Amy and Laurie. "Sort of" is about right, haha. :D

      Thanks for your comment!

  3. Yeah, I've certainly NOT changed my mind over the years. In fact, I can see how she manipulated the story in the second book (Little Women was published as Little Women for part 1 and part 2 is Good Wives). She makes Jo's maturity go backwards in the second part. Amy just isn't interesting. She gets everything she wants with little effort plus we are TOLD she is good, had matured, etc. Telling and revealing artistically in the story are two different things. Plus Laurie changes into a one-dimensional character After Amy. He also became a stuffy self-righteous prig. And he keeps his bestie relationship with Jo which is rather awkward. And his romance with Amy is stereotyped, boring, silly, etc. I've decided that what bugs me most is not that he didn't marry Jo (although that would have been most natural) but that he married Amy/someone like that and it changed him for the worst. I need to write a post on this. Yep, still mad, if not more mad a dozen years plus later.

    1. Yep, I see exactly where you're coming from. I agree, I agree. My best friend and I used to debate for hours with both of us saying those exact things.
      I think you hit my thoughts exactly with "what bugs me most is not that he didn't marry Jo...but that he married Amy/someone like that and it changed him for the worst."
      Like, sending him away to Europe set him up to be perfect for Amy...who is, as you said, uninteresting and she gets the best with such little effort, etc. I'm not her biggest fan.
      I just--pretty much yes to everything you said.
      Anyway, yes, I get you. Thanks for your comment!

  4. Yes, please! Please do share snippets with us. :D

    I am always up to discuss LW. Especially when I find a debatable subject. I never really shipped Lauriw with Jo...but I didn't ship him with Amy either. Jo and Friedrich are one of my favorite peiod drama couples <3 They are made for each other. Amy and Laurie always seemed thrown together, imo. Like Ms. Alcott had to wrap it up and put them with each other rather than introduce new love interests for them. ANYWAY. I'm just glad that Laurie and Jo did not end up together romantically. I love their friendship, but would not support a romance between them. That's all. (Sorry, if I sound WAY overly passionate about that, haha. I care way to much, I guess. Lol;) )

    1. We shall see! ;D

      Yes, yes!! I definitely agree with that!! Like I said, at one point in the book I would have liked to see Laurie and Jo grow up in a way they'd be perfect for each other, but the way it played out, I was okay with that.
      But YES, Laurie and Amy, I'm not sure I'll ever really love that match. Like you said, it seems kind of thrown together.
      Also, definitely agree with Jo and Frederich now! Which is another reason I am far more okay with Laurie and Jo not ending up. Jo and Mr. Bhaer are perfect.

      Thanks so much for your comment, Elanor!

    2. Oh, good, so I'm not the only one!! I mean, I'm fine with Amy and Laurie...but it's like you said in the 'to you all' comment, where you kinda sigh and roll your eyes when they get engaged in the book. Like, "Oh well, if it HAS to be. At least Jo and Friedrich got together." :)

  5. Alright--let's debate.
    I have to admit, I never forgave Louisa May Alcott, either. No Laurie and Jo? (and the movie's scene is gut-wrenching, too) And then she has him marry AMY?
    If there is one thing Laurie needed to learn (and that he didn't) was that *if you propose to one sister and she turns you down, you DO NOT under any circumstances, propose to her other sister* Honest to Pete!
    And then Jo marries Dr. Whatshisname? The German one. I do not deny that they make an okay couple, but I have only one thing to say against him: He's not Laurie. Now that I think back, this reminds me of Sense and Sensibility. The crazy, headstrong emotional sister marries the stable, old (read: above thirty) gentleman, and the story ends. They have their moments, yes, but Dr. Thingummy just...isn't...Laurie.
    But I don't like Laurie that much anymore, because of the whole "marrying Amy" thing. (Side note: how old was Amy when this happened?)
    Sorry for my long-winded comment, dear. But you *did* extend the invitation :)

    1. So, yes, this whole comment is my thoughts exactly until, like, 2-3 days ago. This is what I've thought for years and then I decided I HAD to read Little Women again to see if I'd understand Lousia May a little better. And I did. But anyway, on to specifics.

      Okay, yes, the movie's scene is horridly heartbreaking but, well, the movie isn't my favorite either. In that particular instance, for goodness' sake, Laurie didn't propose so soon! It was, like, 3 years after that! (Or something.)
      But yes, really, AMY? Agreed, one doesn't simply turn to the next sister as the next best option. All the stuff in the book, "I still love you both dearly, you simply switched places in my heart, now Jo is the sister and Amy is the love interest" Kay.

      Like I said, I was completely agreed with that for years and years. Now I must say I really adore the man and that couple, but I really couldn't forgive him for a long time for not being Laurie. Professor Bhaer, by the way.
      Haha, yes, it does rather remind of S&S, doesn't it? I did like Marianne and the Colonel, though, too...considering what Willoughby turned out to be.
      See, yes, exactly. The way Laurie went, going off to Europe and marrying Amy, it makes one not like him so much anymore. The way he turned out he definitely wouldn't do for our Jo. And I think Amy was...Jo was 25, Amy is 3 years younger...22.

      Not at all, my dear. I certainly did.
      Thanks for your comment, Miss Elizabeth!

  6. OH MY GOSH. All the Mr. Collin #excellentboiledpotatoes Haha awesome post!

  7. Congrats on finishing your project!!! That’s so awesome:) and I’m SO down to discuss Little Women. I never actually felt sad about Laurie and Jo not ending up together because I loved Professor Bhaer so much:)

    1. Anna!!! Is that you, my dear? It's so good to hear from you! By the way, I saw from your Pinterest that you had an I followed it, but with my personal, so if you find me keep mum about my name, thanks. :D
      Anyway, dear, so good to hear from you! I also see from your profile you have a new blog, which I shall follow immediately.

      Anyway, on to your comment.
      I'm rather inclined to agree with that, now. Jo and the Professor are rather perfect. As I expounded on in my comment to all. :D
      Thanks for commenting, Anna!

  8. A very well organized post indeed. I applaud you! *clap, clap*

    And Mr. Collins!!! He certainly made an appearance that's for sure. (In fact, I begin to think he must be your favorite character in Pride and Prejudice. If he'd proposed to you I'm sure you would not have had the heart to refuse him, eh? Hahaha. Just kidding! ;))

    "Mr. Collins is *~taken aback~*" Mwahahaha! Good one!! :D

    Congratulations again on your NaNoWriMo success. Your story sounds really cool. And yes, do share snippets sometime, if you feel like it!! :)



    About Little Women.

    Are you sure you want to get me started on this??

    Well, you asked for it. :P

    First off, what injustice is there between Amy and Jo? Sure Amy does get to go to Europe and Jo doesn't but that was pretty much Jo's own fault. Amy was making an effort to be pleasant and polite after all, and Jo clearly was not. If Jo hadn't been a grump that day (and I say that with all the affection in the world because Jo's an adorable grump ;)) she would very likely have been chosen over Amy. It was just Jo's typical ill-luck and that's another thing that endears her to us, I think. If everything went Jo's way we shouldn't love her nearly as much, I think. And Amy may be one of those lucky people who seems to have everything fall in place for her, but that's not entirely true. She has her struggles like the rest.

    About Laurie and Jo ending up together. I can see how some people would want that to happen, but in my mind it doesn't seem to fit quite as well. Jo and Laurie are so perfect as friends and chums, I can't really see them as a married couple. Living out the humdrum aspects of everyday life together? Neh. It just doesn't seem to fit. They're both so ambitious and opinionated and full of plans and such, it feels like they would constantly be pulling in different directions. Because Jo has her dreams and Laurie has his and neither of them seem like a real "supportive" type person, if you know what I mean. They have to be the one charging ahead and doing great things. That's why Amy and Professor Bhaer are so good for them. They're both more steady, and are able to come along side and be that support and calming influence that Jo and Laurie need. That's how I see it anyway. So yeah, I think Louisa May Alcott totally knew what she was doing when she paired the couples up the way she did. But of course I understand if you still see it differently. And you have my permission to tear apart my little arguments and prove to me that Laurie and Jo belong together. (Or we can just happily disagree. Heehee. :))

    Anyway, THAT was a bit long-winded. Sorry about that. (Told you shouldn't have gotten me started. ;))

    1. Why, thank you! *bows*

      You know, he might just be. At the very least he's my favorite person to put images of, because his face is NEVER boring and always expressive. But really, Miss March!! If he's my favorite he's my favorite *character*, which means I love to read about and watch him--and I could have refused him as thoroughly as Miss Elizabeth, if not more so. :D Hahaha.

      Hahaha, glad you found that funny. :D

      Thank you!! Snippets might come in a year or two when I finish editing. :D

      Hmm, all right. The injustice between Amy and Jo is something Lousia May herself admitted to, truly. For one particular, as it said, Amy was so good with so little effort, while Jo put in a whole lot of effort and wasn't nearly so good. The result? Amy was well-liked, and she got a trip to Europe, and she got to go live her dreams while Jo got stuck at home, etc. Though I must admit, that particular day, yes, that was Jo's own fault. But really, they put the exact same amount of effort into their behavior. Amy's was just--better.
      And then of course, there are the days--months--years where Jo is at home, doing her best to be the best she can be, taking care of Beth and her mother and father, while Amy is off in Europe having the time of her life. Jo went through so much at home, trying so hard to be her best, and Amy didn't have to experience any of the hard times at home.
      So there's the injustice, some of it, but then I do agree with what you said. I do think that's why we love and relate to Jo so much. It seems so unfair but we've all felt like Jo, I think. So you're right. And Amy, yes, I suppose she has--though I won't confess hers to be as great as Jo's, sorry. :D

      I agree with that now, never fear. I see that they wouldn't have made a good married couple. And yes, Amy and the Professor did suit better. Reading it this time I've seen that a lot more clearly, and I can understand why Lousia May did what she did.
      Like I also said, I think LMA could have made Jo and Laurie end up together, and I wouldn't have minded in the least. But I'm also happy with how it turned out. (Except I'm still not totally on board with Amy and Laurie. But y'know.)

      Haha, no apology needed, my dear. I was rather long-winded myself.
      Thanks for your comment, Miss March!!

    2. Sorry I never responded to this. I overthink things too much so coming up with a response was like...WORK! And work is like...too much trouble. You know? Haha. :) So I kind of procrastinated.

      But anyway! Here I am at last!

      I was just thinking about Jo and Amy and how we get the idea that everything goes smoothly for Amy, and all her dreams come true and everything; and nothing good ever happens to Jo. Well the thought came to me. Amy had dreams of becoming a great artist, but as far as I can remember from the later books she never realizes that dream. She finally had to admit that she wasn't a genius and content herself with being just a small-time artist. As for Jo...her dreams actually came true! By the third book she's a famous authoress, and has her own school for boys. She's surrounded by what she loves and she's thriving. It may have taken a bit longer perhaps, but good things happened for her just as much as they did for Amy. I really think there's no injustice between them. Things come suitable to the time (is that an Anne quote? ;)) and in the case of Amy and Jo they both did quite well. Also, the fact that Jo is such an impulsive personality probably goes a far way to explaining how things never look like they're going smoothly for her. Amy's disappointments mostly likely fly under the radar a bit more because she takes them more calmly. Does that actually make sense? I don't know. I think I'm just rambling now. :P

    3. (Oh, I get that. No worries. :D)

      *Nods, nods, nods* Ohhhhhhhh. Yes, Miss March, that DOES make sense. It really, truly, does, and I thank you for it. I didn't quite look at it that way, and I haven't read the second two books in years. But I like that analysis a lot, I really do. Thank you for that perspective. I definitely agree.
      Thanks. :D

    4. OH YAY! I'm so glad it made sense! :D

  9. To you all--
    I really think now I shouldn't have said something so soon, before finishing the book. Because now I've finished the book and, well, yes, I have my opinion. And I think I shall do a blog post on it. But to all you who wanted to discuss Little Women, here's a summary of my opinion, and I'll go and reply to all of you individually, too.

    As I said at the end of this post, where I was at in the book I was liking Jo and Laurie as a couple. I did for a while...and then...well...things changed, and so did my opinion. Laurie went off to Europe and became a fop, and I was glad Jo didn't marry him. Even what he became under Amy's influence wouldn't have suited Jo.
    Basically, if Jo and Laurie had continued on in the same way they had when they were younger, but both matured in that way, I think I would have had no objections if Louisa May did it that way and put them together. But they way it was, it made sense. Laurie and Jo wouldn't have suited each other if they stayed the same as their teenage selves, and the way they turned out they still wouldn't have suited.
    About Amy and Laurie, though...still mixed feelings. I kinda rolled my eyes and sighed when they got engaged. (I know, I know, sorry.) I must confess they ended up suiting each other, because Louisa May made them do it, but it seemed"Oh hey, you're a beautiful young lady now and you're a handsome young man now, enough with the brother and sister let's become something else." And...well...I just don't know. They suited because Louisa May made them suit, but I'm not quite sure I like it.
    Jo and Professor Bhaer? 100% on board with them now. They are perfectly sweet and darling and perfect and adorable and I love them. Jo absolutely completely deserved to be happy and he made her happy and he completely deserved to be happy to and she made him get the point. They're perfect.

    There, now. There's what I think. Discuss away. :D


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