Friday, April 15, 2016


In the last couple months I became more interested in photography. I bought a camera from my brother for $10 and started taking pictures like crazy. It's actually a really good camera for having only cost $10. Lots of pixels.
Anyway, here are some of my favourite photos, because I felt like sharing (Not all of these are actually taken with my good camera, sadly. Some were taken by a cell phone camera.):

My sister (whose feet are in this picture) still doesn't quite approve...but it was an awesome angle and composition!

I'm afraid I've taken far too many pictures of the sky...but isn't this particular sky just glorious? 

There's a stream near our house that freezes over in the winter. This bit had frozen over except for this crack. Simply charming, isn't it?

The sun was beginning to set--or it was finishing setting. I don't remember, but either way--beautiful!

Peach blossoms!

Okay, I'm afraid the piano keyboard picture is rather overdone. I can see why, though--it looks good every time!

I believe it may have been raining lightly and that's what those little orbs are. Or perhaps they are will-o'-the-wisps that only show up in the flash of my camera...

I found the focus/blur of this picture quite fascinating.

Quote from Rilla of Ingleside: "Rilla was as fond of italics as most girls of fifteen are--" Honestly, when I read that I realised just how true it was for me (did anyone happen to notice the excessive amount of italics I used in this post?). I am quite fond of using italics...but then I must remember Mr. Carpenter: "Beware of italics." Oh, well, Mr. Carpenter can't cure me of them any more than he could cure Emily; even less, in fact. :)
There. I hope that was not too terribly dull...I do sometimes find that looking at other people's pictures is not quite interesting--sometimes I love it, of course, too--and perhaps others might feel the same about mine. I'm terribly sorry if that's the case.

Are you interested in photography at all?


  1. Cool! I really like the feet picture, actually! And the river one is especially beautiful too. I'm not a super photographer, but I like taking pictures even when it's just with a cell phone. Finding cool compositions is just so satisfying! :)

    1. Thank you! I know, it's soo nice to get a good picture! And often I don't have my nice camera with me so I have to make do with a phone camera.

  2. Ooh these are good photographs. I like taking photos too.

  3. These are beautiful pictures, Rae! The last one is really cool. I love the blurred background. :) My other favorites are probably the peach blossoms one, the piano keys, and the first sky picture. Those are lovely! Thanks for sharing. :D

    1. Why, thank you, Miss March! :) I'm so glad you enjoyed them!


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