Friday, March 11, 2016


Rebekah of the Old Testament is someone I really admire. She showed faith and dedication and generosity, but I want to just point out something very important that she showed a good example of: Choice and Accountability.
I am doing women in the scriptures for my Personal Progress projects, and for Choice and Accountability I chose Rebekah. Why?
Rebekah had to make a very difficult decision: to marry a man she had never met, going with a servant whom she had just met. But that wasn't the only choice I want to focus on. She made choices before then that led to her being able to make that eternally significant choice. 
1. Rebekah obviously had grown up in the Covenant, as she was a daughter of Abraham's kinsman and she was considered a choice wife for Isaac. She made good decisions her whole life, following the Lord.

2. One of the most important choices Rebekah made was to help the stranger and his camels at the well. Rebekah could have ignored him, or refused to give him water. She could have given him water, but left his camels. She could have even decided to stay home that day. But I think she was in tune with the Spirit and He helped her make that decision. This example showed that Rebekah was hard-working, kind, and faithful. Because she decided to help that stranger, she was able to make a huge impact on "thousands of millions" of lives (Genesis 24:60) by being led to marry Isaac. 
3. Rebekah was faced with a huge decision after she welcomed the servant into her family's home and he told her and her family his mission in coming to their land. She was asked to leave her family and travel very, very far away to marry a man she had never met, simply because the servant told her it was the will of the Lord. I'm sure when she was first faced with that decision she prayed, and received her own confirmation that it was right. I think, as I pointed out before, that she was in tune with the Spirit and she was able to receive an answer. Her faith in the Lord enabled her to be able to say, "I will go." (Genesis 24:58)

The choices we make matter a lot. Little choices--and big choices--can have significance eternally. I learned from Rebekah that we need to strive to always make good decisions with the help of the Holy Ghost, and try to do what Heavenly Father wants us to do.

Here is a video, partly about Rebekah, about how our choices can affect future generations.

What are your thoughts about Rebekah or how choices can have an eternal effect?

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