Friday, August 12, 2016

New Header Game--Answers!

A few days ago I changed my header and made it a game to guess where each picture was from. Cordy and Naomi Sarah were the only participants, and...they both got all of them right! 80 points each! Here are the answers:

                                1.                        2.                       3.                         4.
                               5.                6.                             7.                          8.

1. Miss Gallindo-Cranford
2. Rilla Blythe-Rilla of Ingleside
3. Marianne Dashwood-Sense and Sensibility (2008)
4. Miss Taylor/Mrs. Weston-Emma (2009)
5. Me, in my Prom dress!
6. Elinor Dashwood-Sense and Sensibility (2008)
7. Kilmeny Gordon-Kilmeny of the Orchard
8. Emily Starr-Emily of New Moon

Excellent job, Cordy and Naomi! Seriously, you guys are good. :)

(Oh, and I have a question about blog backgrounds. All kinds of lovely blogs out there have these nice wallpaper-y backgrounds. How do you get those? I know you can put a "picture" as the background, so do you just download a pattern you like then use it? How do you do it? Thanks!)


  1. Yay!! Yeah, you download a pattern (the best kinds are the seamless kinds - just a little square) and then you click on 'tile', which basically makes the little square tile and then bam, you have a repeated pattern at the background.
    If you have anymore questions, ask me! I'll try to answer them. :-)

    1. Awesome, thanks so much! Yours always looks gorgeous!

    2. AHHH I LOVE the pattern you got now!


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