Monday, August 1, 2016

We have an email address!

Followers of mine, I am pleased to announce that I finally have acted on my intention to create an email address specifically for blogging purposes. 
You may have noticed the new gadget over on the right, towards the bottom (probably not; it's quite small. :)
Perhaps you'd like to know what this email address is. Well, I shall tell you presently:

(Hey, cool, the username that is the same as my blog url was open!)

My display name for this email is just Rae, same as on here. 

I reserve the right to spam any emails that come my way.

However, for most of you who read and comment on my blog, I wouldn't mind if you email me if you would happen to have a reason to want to, which I don't know why you would. :)
I mostly created this for the purpose of guest posts, because someone asked me if I'd be willing to do one and I didn't want to use my personal email. But if you want to contact me in a way besides my blog, then that's how!

Also, don't forget to vote on my poll on the right. I realise now that I had the idea of doing a themed week at the same time as, like, three other people, so if you think we have enough of them going on, then please click "neither one"! I am as inclined to agree with you if you click that as I am with any of the others! Also, if I do a themed week, it won't be for another...month or so, at least. :) Anyway, I'd love your input, so please vote!


  1. Cool! :-)

    I voted for a LMM week. WONDER WHY.

    1. Gee, that's weird. I didn't know you liked L. M. Montgomery! ;) Thanks for voting!

  2. Lovely! :D I will send you an email!

  3. That's great! I did the same thing and I actually made this blog on the Google account for the email address. So now I handle all my blogging stuff from the same account, and it's really nice to have :)

    1. That makes sense. I have a separate blogger profile but I can see why you would have them all the same. :)


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