Monday, January 4, 2016

I Wish Mr. Darcy Would Say That to Me!

My sister and I watched Pride and Prejudice (obviously the 1995 BBC adaptation with Colin Firth) on New Year's Eve, and throughout the movie I was thinking, "Oh, if he would say that to me!
So here I've compiled 8 things Mr. Darcy said in the book that I wish he would say to me. And I'm sure there are many out there who would also love for Mr. Darcy to say these things to them!
This was somewhat difficult, for there are many things which Mr. Darcy said in the movie, where in the book it did not write out what he said, but I was able to complete a list of things he said that are actually in the book. 
Note: The pictures are from the P&P with Colin Firth, and most of them are not actually matched up to the scene in which the quote was. Sorry.
Note 2: The generalizations of this post might not apply to you, especially if you already have a special someone and don't care about Mr. Darcy. :) 

You were? Really? You wanted to meet me? I am more than delighted that we happened to run into each other. 
Who wouldn't want to hear this from Mr. Darcy?
So you may not think this is something you would particularly wish Mr. Darcy to say to you, but if you think about it--he's saying you have something in common! I would love it if Mr. Darcy said he had something in common with me, and it's true--I don't perform to strangers either. 
If Mr. Darcy thought my performance was good, or even tolerable, I would...Well, I would probably call him a liar or something, but anyway...I would love it and, like Miss Bates (wait, wrong book), be unceasingly grateful for his kindness. :) 
As if anything you ask is too much! I would love to meet your sister! 
It was??? I'm so flattered!
Similar to the last one...but different. Wouldn't it be beyond wonderful if Mr. Darcy did something for you and the whole time you were all he thought of? I would love that!

This was the very end of his letter to Elizabeth; "I will only add, God bless you." I think this shows a remarkable example of Mr. Darcy's true gentlemanly and kind character. It's just lovely. 
And last of all, of course we must have this quote. Wouldn't we all love it if Mr. Darcy declared that he loved us? 
There you have it. 8 things we wish Mr. Darcy would say to us. 

For romantic quotes from Jane Austen's other heroes, see my Jane Austen post: Happy 240th Birthday, Jane Austen!



    Great post, Rae!! (Sorry about all the yelling...)

    1. Again, this is an old, honestly cringy post. I very much appreciate your undaunted enthusiasm nonetheless!!! I love Mr. Darcy--THE COLIN FIRTH ONE, OBVIOUSLY--too!!! So thanks for your comment!!!

      No, yelling is welcome here. It's not a library. :D


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