Thursday, January 28, 2016

Happy 203rd Anniversary, Pride and Prejudice!!!

Two hundred and three years ago, Pride and Prejudice was published. 
And I believe our world was made a little bit better--at least, over the years, Pride and Prejudice has positively affected the many lives of its readers. For 203 years now, it has blessed the lives of many. 
In the last couple centuries of its existence, Pride and Prejudice has been adapted into many movies, television series, and stage performances (see my blog post about two movie adaptations). It has been translated into many languages. So many people have enjoyed this wonderful work of literature. 
Here are a few of my favourite gems of quotes from this marvellous book:
Mr. Darcy, to Elizabeth

Mr. Darcy to Elizabeth
For more Mr. Darcy quotes, see this blog post.

I love Pride and Prejudice!!!


  1. Pride & Predjudice is my favorite Jane Austen work!!! It is so beautiful and amazing!!!! Great post, Rae!! :D

    1. Oh dear, MovieCritic, here you have come to the beginnings of my blog where I actually thought these quotes above were well-designed. Still, the sentiment hasn't changed a bit!! P&P is amazing!!! Thanks for your comment!!


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