Monday, July 25, 2016

The Jane Austen Tag!

Rachel has tagged me again--this time for a tag of one of my very favourite subjects: Jane Austen and her books! 
The Rules:
-Paste the button on your blog.
-Leave a list of new questions (optional).
-Answer the questions of the person who tagged you.

Rachel's questions!

1. Do you love Jane Austen? Why or why not?

-YESSSS. I adore Jane Austen. Why? She's hilarious, I love old-fashioned-romance-type books, and just because. She's good. 
2. What is your favourite Jane Austen movie?
-I'd have to go with Pride and Prejudice (1995). 

3. Would you rather have Mr. Darcy or Mr. Knightley?
-Oooh, hmm, I'd have to go with Mr. Knightley. Mr. Darcy can't be teased, and Mr. Knightley and Emma tease each other all the time. 

4. Have you read any of Jane Austen's books? Which ones?
-Yes, I've read all of them.

5. Do you know when Jane Austen's birthday is without looking?
-I actually do! December 16th! I don't remember what year, though...(I did a post on her birthday last year but I won't link to it because I did NOT do a good job with it. *cringes*)
6. Who is your favourite character from Pride and Prejudice?
-Hmmm...Favourite? Overall? I don't know if I can choose that. Let's see, maybe Mr. Bennet, Elizabeth Bennet, and Mr. Darcy, in no particular order. :)
"I wasn't the obvious favourite? I'm offended."

"Oh, Rae, you really couldn't just choose one?"

7. Would you rather have Kate Winslet as Marianne or Charity Wakefield?
-I know not many share this opinion, but I like Charity Wakefield's Marianne better.

8. How many Jane Austen movies have you seen? Which?
-Pride and Prejudice (1995), Emma (2009), Emma (1996), Sense and Sensibility (1995), Sense and Sensibility (2008), Northanger Abbey (2007), Persuasion (1995), Persuasion (2007)
(Does Pride and Prejudice 2005 even count as a Jane Austen movie? I hesitate to add it to the list.)
9. Who is your favourite character from Emma?
-This one is easier. I'd say Mr. Knightley. For sure.

10. Would you rather have Lydia and Kitty as sisters or Marianne and Margaret?
-Marianne and Margaret!

11. Which Jane Austen movie isn't your favourite?
-(Ahem.) If P&P'05, Fake P&P, counts, then that one is it. :) If not, then I'd go with Northanger Abbey (2007) because of all the...unnecessary Gothic scenes...
12. Do you have a favourite Jane Austen quote? Which?
-Oh, that's hard. Maybe:

Thanks so much for the tag, Rachel! This was quite fun! 
Rachel has already tagged most of the bloggers I know, and I am terrible at coming up with questions, so we'll just leave it at that!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Emma (2009): "My Face When"

Due to the popularity of my post Pride and Prejudice: "My Face When" (my most popular post with over 200 pageviews) I decided to do a similar thing with facial expressions from Emma 2009. This post will not be nearly as long or as funny and probably not as popular, but hopefully it will be fun to read. Shall we begin? Let's.

Really. You surprise me. 
 My face when I have to act interested in what my friend is saying when I'm really not.

 My face when I defend homeschool to a public-schooler.

My face when I go in public and there are so many people. #homeschooler
(By the way, about hashtags...did you know I once had a whole discussion online with a fellow homeschooler about homeschoolers using hashtags? I used a bunch and then put #arehomeschoolersevenallowedtousehashtags? and we, two homeschoolers, proceeded to have a conversation in hashtags to prove that we are, indeed, allowed to do so. Sorry, totally random side-note, and if anyone thought I was at all normal before, you're welcome for removing that false idea from your mind. #homeschooler)

Related to the previous, 
my face when I go somewhere and see someone I don't like when I didn't expect to see them there.

My face when I say goodbye to my friends after church camp or youth conference.

My face when I see someone attribute a P&P'05 quote to Jane Austen.
Can you see that "-Jane Austen" down there?

 (This is just a continued reaction to the above.)

My face when I want to interrupt someone whom I know is wrong, and they just keep talking.

My face when I ask someone for the third time if they're sure they're all right and if they really don't need my help.

My face when I'm doing something in a room by myself and someone comes in.

My face when I'm bored and I would love to think of a blog post idea but it's simply too hot to think.

My face when I'm trying to convince my sibling(s) of something and I am forced to pull out the "Mom says!"

My face when I'm trying to read Dickens or Gaskell when I have more exciting books to read. 

Actually just my face when it's raining. I love rain in summer when I can get wet and it's still warm.

My face when I see more of the atrocious grammar that is too common on the internet. 

My face when I'm with my friend at some event and her crush walks in and I look at my friend.

My face when someone says something that's not true but it's close enough to the truth that I can't correct them without everyone saying "that's what they said!"
(Wow, very specific, Rae.)
My face when someone says they love Jane Austen.

My face when someone says they don't like Jane Austen.

"Please don't even go there."
My face when someone starts to talk about something I know will turn into a heated discussion.

When I'm sitting in a boring meeting or conversation and I either keep looking at the clock to see if the meeting is over yet or I keep looking for something else to entertain me throughout the tedium.

My face when one of my siblings says something they shouldn't in public.

And now, to finish, here is a lovely exhibition of some wonderful facial expressions in this wonderful movie.
This scene--!!!

Well, I hope that was somewhat entertaining. :) I hope you're having a lovely day!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Kindred Spirits Tag!

Okay, so I guess it's another tag, the third in a row. But hey, that's fun! And this time, I brought it upon myself. 

Here goes!
1. When did you first read L. M. Montgomery's books/Have you read any of L. M. Montgomery's books?
-I first read Anne of Green Gables when I was seven (I think) and I have loved it ever since!
2. Which of L. M. Montgomery's books have you read?
-All of them. The Anne series, the Emily series, the Pat books, A Tangled Web, The Blue Castle, Magic for Marigold, Jane of Lantern Hill, Kilmeny of the Orchard, The Story Girl & The Golden Road...let's see, is that all of them if you don't count the collections of short stories? Oh, dear, what a disgrace if I've missed one or two...
3. Who is your favourite Montgomery hero?
-Hilary "Jingle" Gordon. Hands down. All the others have some flaw or fault or they did something wrong, but Jingle was completely and entirely perfect. I swear he has no flaws and he never did anything wrong. 
4. Which L. M. Montgomery book do you think should be made into a movie (can include a book you think deserves a better movie than the one it has :)?
-I think Emily's Quest would make a good movie. I'm working on a dream cast; any suggestions?

5. Do you know without looking it up when her birthday is? When?
-Haha, I came up with this question so of course I know. Hold on, though, if you intend to do this tag, then if you only learned it from this then acknowledge it or just say no, okay? November 30th (1874). 
6. Do you know what L. M. Montgomery's friends called her?
-Again, of course I know the answer; I came up with this question! And again, if you learned it the first time from this post, say so or say no. She went by Maud. 
7. What is one of your favourite Montgomery quotes?
-Ooohh...Rae, Rae, did you not think of how hard it would be for you to answer this question? Let's see, here's a good one: "It is only foolish people who talk sense all the time."
8. Which of her books do you think has the prettiest title?
-A Tangled Web.

9. What's the prettiest Montgomery book cover you've seen (include a picture if possible!)?
-Kilmeny of the Orchard.

10. Do you have a favourite Montgomery book? What? (Yes, you may choose multiple books.)
-I actually do have two that are tied for favourite. Rilla of Ingleside and Mistress Pat. 

I absolutely adore L. M. Montgomery and all her books! She is my very favourite authour in the world!
(By the way, if you like L. M. Montgomery, you should follow my L. M. Montgomery blog. I don't post very often, but I try to keep it up!)

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Simple Questions Tag!

Another tag! Abby P of Lavendar Spring tagged me in this Simple Questions tag.

Here we go!

1. What nationality are you?
2. What's your favourite animal?
-Hmm...I don't know. Birds, maybe? Sparrows especially.
(Did you know that in the original books, Mary Poppins hated birds, especially "sparrers"? (I've read the books.))
3. What's your favourite food?
-Why are tag questions always so hard? Let's go with lasagna.
4. Who's your favourite authour?
-L. M. Montgomery. She's the best. 

5. Do you have pets? If so, what kind? If not, what kind would you like?
-I have two cats.
6. How old are you?
-"I do be as old as me tongue and a liddle older than me teeth."
7. Do you have a big family?

8. What is/are your favourite soundtrack(s)?
-I love the soundtrack to the old, badly animated The Hobbit. Horrible adaptation and animation, but amazing music. Also, when I watched S&S'08 I noticed it has really, really amazing music but I have yet to listen to the soundtrack for its own sake. I should. 

9. What is your favourite animated Disney movie?
Ooohhh...I think Snow White.
10. When is your birthday?
-In May.

Thanks for the tag, Abby!

***(Also, I'm thinking about doing an L. M. Montgomery or Jane Austen appreciation week, preferably Montgomery but if not enough people know her we could do Jane Austen. Would anyone go for that idea?)***