Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Whose Wife Is That? Prophets and Apostles

Let's play a game. How well do you know the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve's wives? I'll put a picture of the wife, and her maiden name.
-They will be numbered. To answer, comment the number and the lady's husband's name. "President/Elder" [last name] will do, or their name, such as Thomas S. Monson, will do.
-If the apostle has been married more than once, the lady will be their first wife.
-The pictures will either be recent or they will be from many years ago. Whatever I decide.
-It is easy to cheat on this game. Keep in mind that this is a Mormon game, and we are all good Mormons and we don't cheat. Got it? Good.
-The winner (whomever guesses the most correctly) gets...bragging rights! And recognition on my blog!
-Don't worry about knowing all of them. It's hard; I wouldn't have known all of them myself. Just do your best and have fun!

So...Let us begin.

1. Barbara Bowen
2. Patricia Terry
3. Kathleen Johnson
4. Susan Robinson
5. Dantzel White
6. Mary Gaddie
7. June Dixon
8. Harriet Reich
9. Ruth Lybbert

10. Katherine Jacob
11. Frances Johnson
12. Melanie Twitchell
13. Mary Crandall
14. Kathy Williams
15. Lesa Higley

Have fun!
*The answers are now available: Whose Wife is That? Prophets and Apostles: Answers


  1. President Thomas S. Monson = 11
    President Dieter F. Uchtdorf = 8
    President Henry B. Eyring = 3
    Elder David A. Bednar = 4
    Elder Ronald A. Rasband = 12 (lol I only knew that one because of all the interviews where she is in the audience)
    Elder Gary E. Stevenson = 15
    Elder Jeffrey R. Holland = 2

    1. Good job! You win because no one else played...:)
      All your guesses were correct, so you got 7 out of 15!

    2. Here are the answers:


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