Tuesday, December 29, 2015

We Made a Dress in 5 1/2 Hours!

I'm so proud of the star of this blog post--Tatianna. She is a budding fashion designer, and today she came over for 6 hours for the express purpose of making a dress. She did nearly all the work herself, only guided by myself. She had never made a dress before, and she did marvellously!

A great thing about this dress is that it cost very, very little money:
The bodice is made of a pillowcase that was 50 cents at Goodwill.
The skirt is made of a) part of a sheet that was $2 at Goodwill and b) some fabric we got at a yard sale a few moths ago. Both of these items have also been used to make other items of clothing.
The brown waistband is ribbon that I got for Christmas.
The shrug is made of part of the pillowcase in the front and part of another gold pillowcase also 50 cents at Goodwill in the back.
The pattern is a dress pattern we got at Wal-Mart a few years ago--and it costed $1.
The whole thing, if you add up the cost of all the fabric I used, costed about $7. And that $7 made other things as well! I did not spend any money specifically for this dress.
Our pattern--It's so easy it's simplicity!

She's hard at work!

She got good at the sewing machine really fast!

Studiously pinning the back of the shrug pattern piece to the gold pillowcase.

This is what it looks like when I sew--I always make a huge mess. 

Finishing the shrug!

And we finished! Isn't it beautiful? 


  1. Thx for featuring this & my daughter on your blog. She had such a great time & is soooooo proud & pleased with the dress & herself. This was a major & much needed confidence builder. Thx so much.

    1. I'm so glad she enjoyed it so much! I had a ton of fun. It was so great.


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